Holistic Wellness Consultations


Some of you will have a good idea of what you think this may consist of if you are at all aware of the concepts of Holistic Wellness. For others who are new to all of this, they will have no real idea of what this is about, or what benefits can come of the Consultation. I will help you to have some understanding below in this offer.

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 Dangerous bacteria are on track to kill millions and our current solution to the problem isn’t addressing the real issue.

By Erin Brodwin August 5, 2015 11:59 AM

30478014_sThe CDC just came out with a new plan to stop superbug infections from spreading like wildfire.
Problem is, they already are.
Adding insult to injury is this fact: The agency’s main strategy for combatting further infections — experts estimate they’re on track to kill as many as 10 million people a year by midcentury — centers not on developing new ways to fight off these deadly foes but on the far trickier subject of improving communication in hospitals.
Here’s why that isn’t likely to work as well as we’d hope:
1. Smart bacteria
The main issue with superbugs is that these bacteria have, genetically speaking, outsmarted us.

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Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

Be sure to come with all the tools to clean what should have been cleaned. I would bring my own sheets and pillow cases for sure. Roll the blankets and spreads down to the end of the bed.

Check the mattress for little black dots all around the edging of the mattress for bedbugs.

Us peroxide spray and wipes for all of the things in the room where other people would have touched.

Don’t go bare foot in the room have some throw away slippers that stay in the hotel when you leave. By the way don’t pack you slippers and take them with you. If you bring shoes from home make sure they are in Zip Lock bags.

These rooms are both high areas of Infection causing germs and most often high EMF’s.

So don’t travel unless you really have to. By the way the Airplanes are much worse. Check out this video on air travel. Click here.

The Brain: How The Brain Rewires Itself

May 20, 2015/in Mindfulness /

Not only can the brain learn new tricks, but it can also change its structure and function–even in old age

It was a fairly modest experiment, as these things go, with volunteers trooping into the lab at Harvard Medical School to learn and practice a little five-finger piano exercise. Neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone instructed the members of one group to play as fluidly as they could, trying to keep to the metronome’s 60 beats per minute. Every day for five days, the volunteers practiced for two hours. Then they took a test.

At the end of each day’s practice session, they sat beneath a coil of wire that sent a brief magnetic pulse into the motor cortex of their brain, located in a strip running from the crown of the head toward each ear. The so-called transcranial-magnetic-stimulation (TMS) test allows scientists to infer the function of neurons just beneath the coil. In the piano players, the TMS mapped how much of the motor cortex controlled the finger movements needed for the piano exercise. What the scientists found was that after a week of practice, the stretch of motor cortex devoted to these finger movements took over surrounding areas like dandelions on a suburban lawn.

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