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If you have been totally confused about what is right and what is wrong and what to do next, this is your answer!


28 years of day in and day out trying to save the love of my life, my wife Wendy, from a mystery unwellness that was killing her. Over one hundred doctors and health care practitioners from many continents and no help at all. I finally figured it out after decades of research and experimentation.

There is a wicked web that has many weavers out there that is creating chronic and mystery unwellness for much of the worlds population! Chronic unwellness it is now being accepted as a societal norm, when just 50 years ago none of this was true.

Cancer is as common today as the common cold used to be. It is the end game of chronic unwellness managed as are all forms of degenerative unwellness. This is an inducted condition that is making trillions of dollars for for uncaring institutions.

90% conservatively speaking of the people living in so called developed countries have some form of Chronic Unwellness and don’t even realize that is what is going on.

I could fill this whole description up with titles that would go on and on with terms of symptoms. We all have heard the names and most are experiencing them in some way.

If you are taking vitamins for any kind of malady. If you are feeling tired, have headaches, nausea, digestive issues, sleep issues, herpes, dark circles under the eyes, over-weight, under-weights, memory issues, children with discipline issue or other regular issues, if you find your self with allergies or hypersensitivity then you are in a state of unwellness. If you need coffee to get through the day or any kind of stimulant, you are in the first stages of chronic unwellness and don’t even realize it.

What many don’t realize is these are not things that humans are supposed to experience on a consistent basis.

There are reasons and there are answers.

You can change these. You just need to know what the real causes are for them. This series will bring you that information and so much more.


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Your body is designed to have total wellness. This is the natural order of things. If you don’t have this and you have been trying to find your way out of the dark nightmare of chronic or mystery unwellness just know that there are still answers and many things that you can do. The best part is they are non-invasive and non-toxic. Read all that I have here and my two books and you will learn what you need to know.

  1. I have had over 40 plus years of world-wide research, education and training within the Holistic Wellness Fields.
  2. I have also been in clinical practice and multi-state licensed, board certified for over 29 years as a Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Homeopath and Wellness Practitioner and more.
  3. I have the years of experience and wisdom to help you, that very few can offer up. Over had over 61,000 office visits in the last 29 years. This alone teaches you things that others can not get close to.
  4. You will be both amazed and very pleased when you see how much can be done, and how much you will get from it. Far more than any expectations you may have.

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