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Please share your testimony so others who do not know about my program can see that it works. Once you were new to all of this and it would have helped if you would have had testimonies to read to see that what you were embarking and can and does work.
I\'ve been dealing with chronic health issues for two decades: including mercury, lyme, and mold. A friend once said, some people are looking for their purpose in life. Leo has found his, it is to take all supplements and do all alternative medicine treatments. I think I\'ve almost fulfilled that purpose. My quest has lead me to personally try 80% of what\'s out there in the world of conventional and alternative medicine, just a selection: ozone, pemf, homeopathic and other IV treatments, abx, herbal, phyto, homeopathic treatments, UVB, chelation, extended fasting, accupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, other forms of Eastern medicine, many forms of energy healing, hypnosis, DNRS, limbic system retraining, living in the woods, bee venom therapy, biofeedback, neurofeedback. Pretty much, you name it, I\'ve either done it, or it\'s on my list. As a trained, PhD level researcher, my brain immediately goes to identifying, researching and organizing information. I\'ve read hundreds of peer reviewed papers, dozens of books, talked to some of the best known health gurus out there. I\'m not saying this to tout my horn, just to give you a sense of my range of experience. I\'ve had the good fortune of knowing James somewhat personally. I\'ll vouch that he is amongst the highest caliber of healers out there. His years of knowledge and experience, coupled with a sense of compassion that does not sacrifice saying the truth as it is, and personal relationship to health and dis-ease has lead him through an amazing adventure he continues to live. His methods work and do so without harming you or taxing you. And while the program requires a commitment, and an adjustment, it allows something that is truly miraculous in today\'s world. A return to how your body is meant to feel and function in the comfort of your own home, without traveling to doctor\'s offices. Wellness is not only possible but within reach. Make your appointment and work with James, the results will truly astound you.