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Stop Guessing About What To Do For Your Welllness Problems!

You Need An Expert Clinical Holistic Health Practitioner To Get Back To Wellness Again !


You are not alone these days, so many are feeling disillusioned and tired of everyone guessing at what is wrong with them.

If you are just plain disappointed and frustrated, you are truly not alone! If your hopes are all but destroyed and you feel that nothing can be done for your problems, don’t give up!

There are answers you have not been told about. Just listen to my video below.

 Everyone is a law unto themselves, both Bio-Chemically and Bio-Energetically. You are as individual as a finger print. You need to have your wellness process tailored to you. 

Do it any other way and it is often doomed to failure. If that is what has gone on for you, then you have finally found the right place. Read My( Our Story ) and see that I know what I am talking about!!

Why You Need My Reese Wellness System

Listen to my personal message from me regarding my program and website for you.


Just because medical systems of all types have failed you with your wellness problems, and now everyone thinks its all in your head does not mean that is a valid assumption or conclusion.

If your family or friends think you need to talk to the psychiatrist and they have all but abandoned you, then again don’t despair. There are things that can and do work!

Many times it is just the correct application of a wellness or health repair principle that is wrong. Or there has been a total lack of the ability to analyze and treat your problems correctly. What ever the case, there are answers here on my site for you. You need to take the time and read everything here that I am offering you for FREE. Over 40 years of knowledge drawn from over 62,000 patient office visits over the span of 33 years in clinical practice is here for you to learn from. 

Besides all of that, I know from personal experience as well. As you will learn, if you read my first book on the above left here on this page.

You just need to take the time and read. Yes, I know no one want to do that anymore, they would rather watch a video. That said I have those here as well. But it is the sum total of the knowledge herein that will give you what you need to know to either deal with your problems yourself or have me here for an appointment to help you out of your problems. 

Below here is one good place to start. But the other is my Free Books up on the top of this page here. They are a condensed look at all of the truths I have learned in my time dealing with long term chronic wellness issues.



Your testing options are listed below: All in blue.

Fast Easy Body Systems, Substances, & Elements Testing Available. But Why Would You Need To?

Your Remedies Testing

I have found through out my many years in clinical  practice that so much of the time remedies or products used to heal people are or have done more harm than good. Even though they have felt benefits at the time. But there are hidden impacts attached to everything you take, that can actually become more of the complexity to your health issues. This can be dealt with in regards to the negative impact and to see if what you are using is really working for you or against you.

Toxic Clothing Testing

Yes, clothing testing. Many people don’t know that what they are wearing or have just purchased could be making them fell ill. You can react to the chemicals trapped within you fabrics and not realize that is what is going on. What you wash your clothing in can also be part of the problem.I have seen people become very sensitive to what they wear. From shoes to underwear. This can really be a mystery to find out. But not with my testing methods.


Toxic Bedding Testing

The same thing applies to what you are sleep with or on as what I have said about clothing. But in for some of you this can be an even bigger cause for you unwellness.

More selections for Testing:

Your supplements, Your Cosmetics, Your Foods, Your Home type chemicals, Your limbic system, Your Glandular System, Your Organ Systems, Your Dental Teeth Energetic Systems.

There’s more, you also can be checked for Heavy Metals,Common Inhalant Allergens, Bioidentical Hormones & Endocrine system, Microbes,EMF fields, Environmental Chemicals, Skeletal and Bones, Reproductive System, and much more.

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