Bioenergy and the ReeSet Wellness System Videos

I am asked frequently about how my system works. And how this can be done long distance?

This is never an easy answer to give people that will be satisfying to most people. So I have within my website that your on now reading about this included information at various places and points within my home page for new people and for those who have been with me for some time to give them a look at the many explanations on the wide subject of Quantum Physics and Bioresonance.

Many types of science’s provide explanations as to what the human body is made up of and how it function’s. But most are quite antiquated in the explanation. They often are still using the concept of particle elements that compose matter. They analyze this and measure this and develop medical opinions based on this data.

They act on this data with other substances to change the expression of the chemical status of the body or its cellular aspects. While this has merit to it depending on what you do to or for it with these chemical substances in all of their varied forms it usually misses the key underlying importance of the energetics of the animation of the physical body.

Matter is visual and energy is not by definition. But depending on what you do to use energy can be of great importance to healing. One would be greatly limited by using just one aspect of human existence as a measuring stick so to speak. But for much of what is conventional medicine today this is exactly what is done.

Know this. The physical aspects of all matter are first and foremost governed by the energetic quantum physics aspects of all the we are.

We are beings that live because of energy first and foremost. To not look at this as a component to why there is unwellness in the body and mind is ridiculous. Yet today this is still suppressed.

I have trained in just about every form of energy wellness restorative techniques this planet has to offer. From instruments, devices and techniques from around the world. In the end I found that most of the devices and instruments were not needed. Yes, there is still a place for them. But most of them out there are really very expensive. I know because I have been trained in usage of them and have had most of them and have used them over my time in practice.

But when you do this long enough and understand the universal truths to what this energy ultimately really is you begin to see that it is really the key to how and why the body and mind and spirit become ill and what it really takes to restore it to wellness again. At least this is true for me at this point my life.

The below videos are a good visual explanation of what Bioresonance is. I used this instrument system at one point but in the end stopped this one a as I said most of my others as time went on. But, I think the visual explanations given in these video are valuable to be able to comprehend what this is about. At least in part. So don’t get to involved in the tools. Just learn from the explanation’s regarding energy.

I don’t use the exact instruments in the videos below mine are much more capable over all. MY OFFICE TOUR will show you more.