When You Change To Organic Foods & Stop The Conventional This Is What Will Happen!

When Changing Your Food & Eating Program, Here Is What You Can Expect................... When you improve your nutrition and eat only organic, as well as remove the energetic blockages, you will feel many changes... You will begin to move away from Un-Wellness to Wellness again. [videoframes … [Read more...]

Organic Food For Your Pets Too!

  Mаkе уоur pets happy wіth organic pet foods too! Itѕ safe tо ѕау thаt Westerners аrе crazy аbоut thеіr dogs аnd thе pet industry іѕ easily а billion dollar industry іn thе US alone. Evеrуоnе wаntѕ thе bеѕt іn bedding, clothes аnd toys fоr thеіr special dog оr dogs. Mаnу hаvе еvеn turned tо … [Read more...]

Are You Eating Arsenic??

Arsenic Kills and Injures!!     It is the slow accumulation of toxins in all of their forms that creates cellular biochemical and energetic havoc. Consumer Reports magazine: November 2012  Our analysis found varying levels of arsenic in more than 60 rices and rice product Tracing the … [Read more...]

Make your own yogurt easy and fast.

Homemade yogurt does not have to be hard to make, or time consuming at all! Why use your own yogurt and not the stores? Well the main reason is, they do not do their process long enough to get rid of the milk sugars. This is key to good effect yogurt use so that you really have a great added … [Read more...]

Substance Sensitivity VS. Intolerance, Whats The Difference

  Substance Sensitivity VS. Intolerance, Whats The Difference? Is there are real difference? Yes there definitely is ! In simple terms if you get violently sick and have life threatening responses from eating certain types of foods, or other types of non food substances, you are “Severe … [Read more...]


TOXIC CLOTHING,A CLINICAL PERSPECTIVE. Here is a simple video that says the basics of the problems with chemicals in our clothing.It will give you a look at what I am referring to and writing about. One of the many types of chemicals that people are getting sick from are those coming from the … [Read more...]