When You Change To Organic Foods & Stop The Conventional This Is What Will Happen!

When Changing Your Food & Eating Program, Here Is What You Can Expect……………….

When you improve your nutrition and eat only organic, as well as remove the energetic blockages, you will feel many changes… You will begin to move away from Un-Wellness to Wellness again.

Don't stay ignorant about eating organic foods!

In my practice I am often asked, “What is the biggest problem people encounter regarding changing your diet and lifestyle, and obtaining better nutrition?”

My response is the failure to properly understand and interpret the symptoms and changes, which follow the beginning of a better nutritional program. Also general ignorance about the most important medicine you have. FOOD!

It is the introduction of organic foods of higher quality in place of lower pesticide based, nutrient deficient quality ones that brings recovery and repair symptoms on. The closer the food comes to the natural state in which it occurs, or the closer to its natural state, ( when reasonable, in its uncooked form or not cooked to death), the higher its quality.

In this condition, all the enzymes are found intact. The amino acids are in their finest form. The minerals, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates, and “life force” are all present. The life force, in turn, is capable of reproducing wellness through out your cells. Primitive concepts of eating are the key when understood and used properly. That last statement is key to this whole article. “Paleo Diet” people are some of the biggest culprits of not understanding the big picture in regards to this eating philosophy.

The quality of a nutritional program is also improved by omitting toxic substances such as coffee, black and green tea, chocolate, tobacco, high salt, and pepper, (to name just a few), from your diet.

What is the relationship between the quality of foods and recovery from un-wellness?

Real Foods Build Healthy Cells

The higher the quality of food we eat, the quicker we recover from un-wellness, provided we are able to digest and assimilate properly. In addition to the knowledge of proper food, the proper order of eating the different kinds of food at a meal is also important.

One theory is that the most easily digested food should be eaten first, the more complex second, and the most concentrated item last. This depends on how you are set up genetically to process foods. If digestion is an issue, then you should try this theory.

The correct quantity of food to be consumed in the meal, and the correct time for eating your meal, plus only eating when hungry and not by the clock, can all make a huge difference in how you feel after each meal.

Now, what happens when a person follows these rules and makes a decision to improve the quality of food consumed?

Great things begin to happen to the body as well as the mind when correct food is consumed. The amazing intelligence present in every cell of the body, and the wisdom of the body in its operation, immediately become focused. When the quality of the food going into the body is of higher quality than the tissues which the body is made of, the body begins to remove the lower grade materials and tissues to make room for the superior materials – which it uses to make new and wellnessier tissue.

This is how nature works in the body. It is very selective and always tries to produce wellness, unless our interference is too great. Only then do we fail to reestablish wellness and degenerate further into un-wellness.

The self-healing nature of many unwellness conditions shows endless examples of how the body tends towards wellness, unless we do something to stop the process. This is the case for most people who end up with chronic unwellness.

What are the symptoms or signs which become evident when we first begin to remove the lower grade foods, and instead introduce higher quality foods that are most nutritionally alive, organic, and natural? When the use of toxic stimulants such as coffee, tea, chocolate, black pepper, salt, cocoa, or alcohol is suddenly stopped, headaches are common and a letdown occurs.

This is due to the removal by the body of the toxins from the tissues, transported through the bloodstream during its many bodily rounds, and are run eventually though what is likely an already toxic liver.

Before the noxious agents reach their final destination for elimination, these irritants often cause pain. In the most common form, this is a headache. Usually within three to four days, the symptoms vanish and we feel stronger due to the recovery which follows. To a lesser extent, the same process occurs when we remove lower quality foods and replace them with better foods. Lower quality foods have undergone more preparation.

Spices, salt, and other ingredients have been added, as they tend to be more stimulating than less prepared and more natural foods.

Animal foods are more stimulating than cheese, nuts, and vegetable proteins. Consequently, the withdrawal of stimulation which follows the removal of animal food produces a more toxic liver function which registers as a decrease of energy. This initial letdown lasts about two weeks or slightly longer, yet will ultimately produce an increase in strength, a feeling of reduced stress, and greater well-being.

Now let us return to the symptoms which occur in the process of repair of the body.

Many people who start a better diet and stay on it for several days and then quit will often comment with, “Oh, I felt better on my old diet, and the new one made me feel weaker than I was before I started the new eating program.” Those people failed because they didn’t give the body a long enough time to adjust and complete its first stage of wellness, which is recuperation.

If they would have waited a little longer, they would have begun to feel better than before they started. During the initial stage, which can last from about ten days to several weeks, the vital energies which are usually in the external parts of the body, such as the muscles and skin, begin to move to the vital internal organs and start repair.

This shunting of much of the power to the internal organs, tissues, and cells produces a feeling of less energy in the muscles, which the mind interprets as weakness.

Actually, the wellness repair power is increased, but much of it is being used for regenerating the more important organs and less of it is provided for muscular work.

Any weakness which is felt here is not true weakness, but is a distribution of forces to the more important internal tissues and cells.

It is very important for the person to stop wasting energy, and to rest and sleep more.

This is a very critical stage, and if the person resorts to stimulants of any kind, (which is the first call I get from many people), they will stop and defeat the repair of the body.

It is important that you have patience and perseverance and just wait, as it will pass. After a time, you will get more strength, which will exceed by far what you felt before you started the new program. Success in repair or improvement of wellness hinges upon the correct understanding of this simple, but very important point. You must realize that the body is using its preciously conserved energies in more important, internal work and not wasting it in external work such as muscle movements.

Take it easy here, and rest when possible. Reduce your work and social obligations as much as possible until you’re out of the those first all-important stages of repair that occur in the first few months. It is important that if you feel more tired than usual, it is often that you are not drinking enough quality water per day. Six to eight glasses daily is needed to help process the toxic load out of the body.

Retracing – not enough can be said about this process.

As progress with the improved diet and food quality to organic, non-pesticide and non-hormone treated foods, interesting symptoms can appear. The body begins a process called retracing.

It says to itself, let’s get started immediately. Let’s get this excess bile out of the liver and gall bladder and send it to the intestines for elimination. Let’s get the sludge moving out of the arteries, veins, and capillaries. These toxic loads have been here much too long, and removal must begin immediately.

These toxic deposits in the joints, tendons, and ligaments must be removed. Let’s get these toxic food preservatives, aspirins, sleeping pills, and drugs out of the cells and tissues, along with these other fat-stored toxins which have made life so tiresome for us for so long.

During the first stage of returning to wellness, the body’s focus is on elimination, or breaking down of toxic locked-up tissue. The body begins to clean house, so to speak, to remove the garbage deposited in all of the tissues.

Here, the focus is on removal of the toxic loads and body obstructions. Wastes are discarded more rapidly than new tissue is made from the new food. This at first is shown in the form of weight loss. Seven to fifteen pounds, no matter what your original weight, is likely to be lost. This continues for a while and is then followed by the second stage, called equalization.

Here, the weight can remain relatively stable. During this stage, the amount of toxic waste material being removed daily is equal to the amount of tissue which is being formed and replaced by the newer, wellnessier food. This occurs after the excess of obstructing material in the tissues has been removed.

This stage of repair stays for a while and is then followed by a third stage, a regeneration period when weight starts to go up again if you were thin to begin with, even though the diet is lower in calories than it was before.

At this point, much or more of the toxic wastes have already been removed, and the tissues which have been formed since the diet was raised in quality are more durable and do not break down as easily. Also, new tissues are now being formed faster.

This will be due to the improved cellular absorption made possible by the complete stopping of eating the wrong foods and learning to combine them properly.

The body’s need for the usual amounts of food decreases, and we are able to sustain our weight and increased levels of body energies with less food. Many people over the age of 30 are able to function very efficiently on two meals a day. As the body progressively increases in repair and decreases in tissue breakdown, we gradually need less and less food to maintain life.

The higher the percentage of raw food one lives on, the slower the rate of tissue damage. A sick body requires a gradual, carefully worked-out entry into the final stages of wellness, where one is able to live on a 100% organic food diet.

Just to repeat myself somewhat: symptoms produced on a superior nutritional program can produce skin rashes or eruptions, reflecting that you may have been fighting skin problems in the past, as this is how your body shows the excess load and toxins.

If you go to a doctor now who is not familiar with this result of quality nutrition, he may diagnose it as an allergy or another skin disease title. This can result in possible problems of misdiagnosis and possible wrong methods that can create more problems. You must ask yourself whether this is happening in relationship to the new eating program.

You will wonder why, if I am eating better now than I ever did before, why am I seemingly getting worse? You and the doctor may not understand that the body is retracing. The skin is getting more alive and active. It’s throwing out more poisons more rapidly now that the body is building more power that is saved from those hard-to-ingest meals which have been discontinued.

These toxins being discarded are saving you from more serious disease that may result if you keep them in your body much longer, depending upon your hereditary or structural weaknesses.

Be happy you’re paying your bills now in an easy-payment plan.  For some people, a display of symptoms occurs that may feel like a cold or even fevers. This can be part of a “healing crisis.” They are usually short-lived and not very intense.

This is nature’s way of cleaning up. Understand that these actions are constructive, even though unpleasant at the moment. Don’t try to stop these symptoms through the use of certain drugs, or even massive doses of vitamins, which will act as drugs in huge concentrations.

These symptoms are part of a repair process, so don’t try to cure a cure. These are not deficiency conditions or allergic manifestations. That said, though it is possible to react to things that you have been silently allergic to or had a history of reacting to, this does need to be cared for. If this is the case, I will be able to tell and can act with your body to manage this condition into the correct repair directions.

This is where clinical experience is a great value. You may be eating perfectly in regard to quantity, quality, and observing all the correct rules, and still symptoms will occur.

Those who have lived better lives in the past, who have eaten better foods, and who have abused their bodies less with over-eating will have reactions ranging from almost none at all to very mild symptoms which may be uncomfortable or acute. Those who have lived worse lives and poisoned themselves more will experience more severe symptoms if their liver, kidneys, or other important eliminating organs have been damaged.

When they have been repaired to the point of good working order, they will no longer produce symptoms.

However, the great majority of people find their reactions tolerable and are encouraged to bear with them because of the many improvements which have already occurred and are becoming more evident with each day.

The symptoms will vary according to the materials being discarded, the conditions of the organs involved in the elimination and the amount of energy you have available. The more you rest and sleep when symptoms are present, the milder they are and the more quickly they are terminated. Realize that your body is becoming wellnessier every day because you are throwing off more and more waste, which could have eventually brought much suffering.

Those who have the worst symptoms or reactions and follow through to the successful termination are thus avoiding some of the worst un-wellness conditions which would eventually have developed had they continued their careless eating habits. Don’t expect that improving your diet alone will make you feel better and better each day until you reach perfection.

Health returns in steps of gradually diminishing cycles. This is how recovery occurs. You feel better, a reaction occurs and you don’t feel as well for a short while. You recover and go even higher. Then another reaction occurs, milder than the last. You recover and go even higher… and so it goes. We must learn to obey the laws of Nature. We must learn to eat simple, pure, and natural foods, properly prepared and combined.

In closing, remember that food is and always has been your best medicine.