Crisis not being averted.

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Lets think for one minute about the possibility that we are all being lied to. Just for a moment, if you will.

We have a history of being lied to about very important matters.  You name it not a week goes by that we don’t here about some thing that was told to us about something very safe for us and then the next week it is not. Sometimes it is just silently pulled from our daily consciousness and they just move on.

We have to be very careful about assuming that those who make money off of us to the tune of Billions of dollars are not doing things that they know will hurt us for the dollar. Possible? Yes, I thin this is true.

Here is a link to a source that you should take a minute to just read through. If you don’t see what this site has that you need to be aware of then just delete it and move on. But, what if this is really true, and I know that it is. When will you find it to be a health hazard big enough for you to come to terms with.

I have written about this in the past and each year the evidence gets more compelling. I see this to be showing up more and more with those who call me and are constantly needing help for unwellness issues. Where before they would just get better and stay better for most of the same issues.

So just thought at the risk of being redundant and falling on deaf ears that I should at least keep trying.

See what you think.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

7 October 2016

Expert Witness Report by Dr. Andrew Marino

Eighty one page report, for litigation involving smart meters, at the Pennsylvania Utility Commission, Aug 8, 2016. testimony-AAM_Report.pdf

* This report contains extremely important evidence about the adverse health effects of smart meters in particular and electro magnetic radiation in general. *

I Am an EMF Refugee

And of course, I had all the digital toys to accompany this persona: A creative director’s dream of a Mac computer system, the smartest smart phone of the moment, the fastest of the fast wireless networks, the streaming tunes, the apps for that, the I-everything’s and the incessant surge of digital pings directing and announcing my every move.

That was my life until a few years ago. And now, I am an EMF Refugee.

NIH Scientist Ron Melnick’s Letter o the NTP Study published in Jackson Hole News & Guide

In light of the accumulating evidence of increased cancer risk from cellphone RFR, precautionary measures should be implemented rather than waiting for the absolute proof

“We Are The Evidence” Testimony to the FCC Disability Committee on Wireless Radiation Harms

On Sept 22nd, Dafna Tachover, the head of WeAreTheEvidence.Org made a public comment in the FCC’s Disability Advisory Committee Meeting. Amongst the participants in the meeting were many wireless and technology companies and disability organizations.

Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and Cell Phones Cause the Blood-Brain Barrier to Leak

Their results over time have been both consistent and worrisome: Exposure to radiation, including that from cell phones and wi-fi, causes leakage in the blood-brain barrier — the brain’s first line of defense against infections and toxic chemicals.

Do Cell Phones and Wi-Fi Fields Harm Our Body?

An excellent interview with Dr. Martin Blank, one of the world’s leading scientists who studies the biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

“There are limited things you can accomplish, but I think one of those is to protect the children. The children are most vulnerable. They are the ones that are going to suffer the most, especially with this push to do so under the guise of good education. I think the introduction of Wi-Fi in schools is sinful. It’s criminal. Good education doesn’t need this. There are ways to bring these programs in without this technology. Generations have actually learned better without this. There’s absolutely no need to have children sit there with this exposure for however many hours they keep it on. They could bring in the programs by cables, or books, but they don’t need Wi-Fi. I think children are going to succumb to this in larger numbers, and we’re going to see a higher incidence among children of things like brain cancer. It’s not high yet, but I think it’s going to get much higher.”