Fill those dental pockets and re-enamel your teeth


Fill those dental pockets and re-enamel your teeth.

Just  a short note today on what I am doing for myself and my family and many of my patients.The mouth is a special area of the human anatomy. It is vital to the well-being of the whole body. 

 Here is an option for you that has worked well for my family and those that I work with in my wellness program as well.

 First of all you need some at home tools.

  • Get a good water pic or similar device.
  • You need dental floss, waxed preferred, for those times when the water pic may not be enough.
  • A sonic toothbrush.
  • This is the Tooth Powder I have made up for my family. Your choice to use or not use.
  • The components to the tooth powder are :  1. “Now” company Calcium Carbonate Powder. One large tablespoon of Calcium powder in a three ounce in small Tupperware type container.
  •  Non aluminum Baking Soda. One quarter tsp. of powder add to the Calcium mix.
  •  Good quality sea salt, or Celtic salt. One small pinch of salt add to the above mix.
  • You can add in a little peppermint for taste and it is somewhat antibacterial as well, if you or the kids need it.
  • When you have all the ingredients together, Shake well.

Use the above tools every night, and when ever you can, do it during the day as well.

This mix keeps the mouth clean by alkalinity and implants key compounds into the teeth and gums.

Don’t forget some Vitamin C that is Buffered and has bioflavonoids. Maybe around 1000 mg every other day.

This is just a quick set up for general beginning dental conditions. If you have some bigger issues then you will require much more specificity, especially if you have deep pockets.

Working with a great well trained truly Holistic Dentist and my protocol above may be necessary for some as well.

When in doubt check with your Holistic Dentist.

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