Free Complementary Holistic Consultation


This is your Free Appointment Contact submission form.

I have some requirements that will have to be met by you in order for us to set and appointment.

I have a very busy calendar and need to be sure that you will fit my program, and that I will fit your needs as well.

I don’t take cases that have been given a terminal unwellness diagnosis. I don’t take those who are on multiple medications. Thyroid or hormone medications are ok, if they are natural or bio-identical only.  If you are being currently treated for you wellness problems by and MD or DO, then I will not be able to help you.

If you are in an Acute situation you should be in the care of a practitioner in your area. My practice is not designed to be for Acute Care or Emergency Condition’s.

My programs are set up for those who are need wellness care and lifestyle changes based on holistic principals. The body is a complex system. It requires balance of all systems in order to be able to self repair.

For some of you who do not have a good background in these concepts you will find them by reading my book. If you already have a good background in Holistic and Natural Wellness Care then great. But my book would still be great to read. It will let you know about me and much more. As will the area on the front page of my website where it talks about the Quantum Physics Wellness Program.

If it all seems great and you understand what I have said on my home page and books then by all means call me and lets set up an appointment. My appointments are very complete. You will have many things occur during the appointment that will set you on the right path towards wellness again. Or you may just want to do this for prevention. That is also fantastic. Write me a note about what you would like to address and what your needs are. If I think I can help you, or if I think my program is not right for you, I will let you know either way.

One Free appointment per family.

I look forward to speaking with you.

You can contact me via this office number 304-456-4525 or below.