Hidden Sub-clinical Sinusitis, Heal It Naturally!

Hidden Sub-clinical Sinusitis, Heal It Naturally!

What is this? What can I do about it?

Chronic Sinusitis Hidding.

Stop The Chronicity Now, And Do It Naturally.

Sub-clinical Sinus.

Most people who suffer from ear and sinus problems are acutely aware that they have them. They are self-evident in the fact that there are obvious symptoms.

But symptoms are not a reliable way to know if you are dealing with a Sub-Clinical form of problem. This can be true anywhere in the body, not just the Sinuses and Ears. Some people will have eye sight issues from these sub-clinical infections and they will be told many things by different kinds of doctors about why their eye sight is have issues.

I have found that about half of the people who I work with, will in some manner, be influenced by this kind of Sub-Clinical problem regarding the state of their health, or lack thereof.

It can often  be caused in part by dental issues. But it can come from old historic and improperly treated illnesses from the past, that are from treatments that were never resolved because they used drug based antibiotics, and these can mask certain types of infections in the body. Especially the viral types.

Why doesn’t my bodies immune system fix this over time?

The bodies immune system is quite amazing. It is smart in the sense that it will remember certain things about invaders and be able to remember this when that kind of invader comes back again. It can also know when it can’t win the war with certain invaders and will opt not to go into over defensive action in a losing battle , and will turn itself off in order not to weaken the body more from a futile action.

The immune system is a tireless warrior. It will stay in a constant turned on state of battle against invaders that it knows it can not eliminate in total and keep them trapped in a cage so to speak that prevents them from being able to wage a war against you daily. But when you weaken your self or change your body chemistry in a bad direction the bad invaders can break out an begin to do battle again. As an example of this we have the Herpes type of problems.

What this means is that you can be in a state of problem, and the body will be doing its best to keep you in a non-symptomatic state of wellness, but you will be impacted by the long-term effort that the immune system creates by this day in and day out battle.

The battle is meant to be won, and the immune system is meant to go into a low state of daily protection in the defense regarding what you breath in and eat that always has some kind of invader in it. This is of no great consequence relating to the daily maintenance of the body as this is just what the immune system does.

So now that you have a little bit better idea of the circumstances of immune responsibility and its reactions that can occur relating to an invader, we need to take a closer look at the Sub-Clinical side of this all to often serious problem.

In many people who are chronically un-well, or for those of you who just never seem to be able to get rid of come kinds of displays of body problems, like even dermatitis of the head region or other areas for that matter this problem of chronic Sub-Clinical infections can be a life long issue.

I have seen this head area type of problem be related to just about any kind of wellness problem that you can think of. And I do mean any kind. Especially the ones you would not think could possibly be further from it. We tend to think in terms of local pain or obvious visual impacts.

While this is true, it can be very misleading for many. We can have conditions relating to sinus and ear chronicity’s that will be very hard to detect for most kinds of doctors. They will never ever think in terms of the mucous membranes of the head region as a source for why you don’t feels well if there are no overt symptoms to relate it to.

I can understand this as this is what we are taught to think about these problems. The problem will let you know that you have it by where you feel the symptoms most often. So before you keep thinking that where you are feeling you un-well is really the area of the cause of the un-well you may need to look at the head and sinuses and ears as the key reason for why you can not get better. You will never get better if this is missed.

One of the reasons that this is missed is that you swallow all day long and the problem can go into the body via this path. If the problem is one in which the immune system is dealing with to some degree but not eradicating it this can be why it goes so easily missed by the tonsils when you are swallowing.

Or if you body has found that it can not defend against the invader and has totally stopped its aggression against it this can be again why you have no localized symptoms in the throat and may not produce mucous in the sinuses. For instance this can be the case with types of mutated staph. MRSA is a type of mutate that can be quite hidden at times and waiting for a time of resurgence. Your body knows that it can not win the battles so will leave it alone in these Sub-Clinical states so to speak.

This is not going to fall on most doctors ears and sink in. They will think that this can not occur. But they just don’t have a way to detect this kind of infection with conventional testing.

The main reason is there is always bacteria and viruses in the mucous membranes of the head, and mucous membranes. So if you do a swab of the nose or throat you will find them. It is just the way it is as the body does have many bacteria and viruses in it a level that is not going to cause you unwellness. It is just being handled by the immune system.

Like Staph and Step, which are a constant inhabitant of the mouth. When you have a low-grade problem you will not show up as being infected by standard testing and if anything does show some it may be misinterpreted.

The worst thing is that if the Sub-Clinical problem does at a point turn into a more symptomatic representation due to various factors it will be dealt with in a way that will often just make it go back to a non-symptomatic state but be actually now more serious than it was before. It take a very special management of their types of problems.

You have to use things that don’t destroy the terrain of you body while you are trying to manage the problem. You can not beat them up and destroy them with powerful types of agents. They will survive over and over again.

You can only do the job if you change to terrain and make it in-hospitable for them to live in and then use agents that are not going to destroy the terrain to eradicate the existence of the regrowth potential. This is something that can take a great amount of time and effort to finally achieve, but is can be done.

Natural Remedies and Methods can for some be a simple answer.

But the more Chronic and Hidden it is the less this simple approach will work. By the time your reading this article many of you will have tried everything on the internet that’s over the counter natural remedies for this condition. Yet, why does it still persist?

You can have a complex mix of problems each on its own a big deal but when linked up and affect both the physiology of your body and the energetic you need to track it and be able to handle the repairs in the manner and sequence the body wants to do it.

This take special training and a lot of experience and the right kinds of tools.

They exist!

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