What Your Dentist Does Not Know, Could Be What Is Keeping You Sick !!

What Your Dentist Does Not Know, Could Be What Is Keeping You Sick !!

There are really two Dental Camps. What I mean by this is there is the “Standard American Dental “Association and then there is the “Holistic Biological Dental Association.”

There is a sub-camp within the Holistic Biological Dental Association, AKA, “HBDA” that is divided by those who use instrumentation for diagnostic analysis, using a Historic Term of “EAV” or “Electro Acupuncture by Voll.” This is the first of its kind. Today however it has grown and there are many interpretation of Instruments designed to do this in various ways.

Those who call themselves Holistic Dentists and those who call themselves Biological dentists can further define the educational and philosophical placement for what they do or can do.

The methods used to determine things by any dentist in the world can be the difference between the dentist being your best friend or your worst enemy. They can really help you in time of need and they can really hurt you just as easily.

Lets take a look at the basics of some of these key things that can make your visit a blessing to you or turn you into a very sick person.

First lets just take the office. What are they doing in general to the air in the building your in. Is the air part of a massive filtration system for the whole building. If so you could be in big trouble. These large air conditioning and heating system are never cleaned as far as the duct work is concerned not to mention the air handler.

So all of the people who come into any room in the whole network of ducts through out the large building will eventually put some of the contaminants into the air. Mold, fungus,viruses, bacteria and mutated strain of the mix.

When you are in the dental office, ( or when you are in any common air system, you run the risk of getting sick from someone right in the office you in if they are sick and not wearing a mask, as well as others who are sick that may be down the hall ).

You are in trouble if they are still installing Amalgam ( mercury based filling materials) fillings or are taking them out with a high speed drill which is even worse, as the gas from it moves out through the office and everyone in there breaths it in.

So don’t go to a dentist who is still using amalgam fillings or is taking them out without the necessary equipment and filtration in each room to protect you from this problem.

Next up is the water they use for your mouth when doing a dental procedure on you. Ask if the water is filtered, and if so, is there an Ultra Violet light as part of the filter system? The other question is how often do they change the filters and the light. The filters depending on size and use per day can need to be changed once a month. This would be the max to go. But many will think that the manufactures use amount is ok. They say on the filter package that so many gallons over a period of 9 months is when you should change the filters. But the dental staff will not take the daily use in water and understand that they need to do it sooner. What this means is much of the accumulation of matter in the filters can begin to discharge while it is being sprayed into your mouth. This can make you quite sick or add to a sickness you already have.

The next thing is the sterile procedures that are supposed to take place in the dental office that are rarely truly followed. I have witnessed this myself many times. The dental assistant is often the one who will be the worst culprit and the dentist won’t see it as they are to busy.

But here is the real story. After a months worth of people in those offices and chairs dental or other wise there is a lot of contamination occurring from spraying the mouths and the dental drill. This can get everywhere in the office. The so called night cleaning crew don’t follow sterile procedures either.

There should be in each office Ultra Violet Light systems installed to help to prevent air born circulation of biological contaminates. This is never done although the technology exists today. Same with having air filtration in each room that has Ultra Violet light and Hepa capabilities.

The staff is not supposed to reach out and touch anything thing that is not sterile when doing your dental procedures. But they always do this. They protect themselves with masks on and gloves but they don’t consider that when they touch non sterile things that this is then put into your mouth.

I could go on and on about how this mandated methodology is supposed to happen but does not. If you took a UV light and scanned the room you are in with it in the dark you would be amazed at what you would see that you are sitting in.

Lets talk X-rays for a moment. This is the mainstay of excepted diagnosis regarding your mouth. While is can and does find things it is a fallacy that it tells you all there is to know to manage your dental problems correctly. They cannot tell you about the “Energetic” aspects of each tooth and how that is effecting the rest of your body. Nor the non digital x-rays tell you about what the simple just beginning cavities that are developing. Which you could have stopped way before you needed to have anesthetic used. The x-ray is often used to determine biological impact on your regarding infections. This is also a fallacy. It can only show you very gross break down of tissue or bone.

When it is well advanced. But by this time the problem has already gone to far. Lets take root canals and implants for instance. These are basically dead or inanimate things that do not belong in the mouth. The body will try to reject them from the moment they are there. This is a foreign object that the body know instinctively need to be removed. It will do this from the first day, that they are in your mouth. The immune system tries to degrade it or attack it or eject it from the tissue.

But it can’t so a state of low grade infection can begin. It may be at a sub-clinical level for some time before it begins to create a state of excretion into your lymph and vascular system in the area. This then can lead to other things that will be taken to a standard MD or Holistic Practitioner to deal with. Such as Sinus problems, headache, TMJ problems, lymph node swellings, thyroid problems and even endocrine and limbic system problems. Bio-Resonance Testing comes in many forms and can in the right hands with the right training provide answers that cannot be found other wise. Where it all began.

These kinds of biological problems will also present to your body the effects of Energetic Disturbances that each tooth exerts on the systems that it controls. Click here  to go to an interactive chart to see what I mean and more information on the Dental influence and what you should know. You will find a complete section in my Free Book that talks on this subject as well.

The mouth is a source of great impact on our health and the dentist can really be a major part of wellness or the lack there of. But if you choose right and find one who is skilled and taking care to use the newest instrumentation with the most up to date education within the Holistic And Biological Dental Association you can do alright. If you are unsure and need help with seeing if you may have a dental related event unfolding for you, and that this may be part of what is keeping you from getting well again, contact me for a Free Appointment and we can take a look at this within my program methods.

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