Repair Your Hidden Self First !

Dealing with Issues in Recovering the Hidden Self Do you have a hidden self. In a manner of speaking we all do. It just has many different manifestations depending on who you are and how you grew up. The hidden self has been labeled with many titles. If you are bewildered with anxiety, … [Read more...]

Your Teeth Are Not Just Biological, They Are Energetic As Well!

YOUR TEETH SEND ENERGETIC MESSAGES TO YOUR WHOLE BODY AND INFLUENCE YOU IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. I believe the conditions present in a patient’s mouth are a reflection of their overall health. In accordance with ancient Chinese medicine, the mouth is a reflection of the person’s total health. … [Read more...]

Delving Into Breath Modulation.

Delving Into Breath Modulation. Have you ever attempted slowing down your breath? What is the fewest number of breaths that you are able to take in one minute? When you breathe deeply and slowly, can you feel your brain relaxing? You might be surprised to discover many advantages for your body … [Read more...]

Organic Food For Your Pets Too!

  Mаkе уоur pets happy wіth organic pet foods too! Itѕ safe tо ѕау thаt Westerners аrе crazy аbоut thеіr dogs аnd thе pet industry іѕ easily а billion dollar industry іn thе US alone. Evеrуоnе wаntѕ thе bеѕt іn bedding, clothes аnd toys fоr thеіr special dog оr dogs. Mаnу hаvе еvеn turned tо … [Read more...]

Organic & Non Toxic Pregnancy

  Organic & Non Toxic Pregnancy Organic & Non Toxic Pregnancy is the key to a safe and wellness pregnancy for both the mother and the child. Many of the women whom I have worked with over the years as a wellness care provider using Holistic means for their care have found that what they … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Videos and Articles

Vegetarian, Vegan? Things To Know Before You Decide. Before you read this it is very important to know about what can be wrong with Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle's. Many vegetarians have a problem with being able to handle Lectins, Phytic Acids, Oxalates, Nightshades and even Phenols. How … [Read more...]