Latest Videos Part Two

1.) Dr. Norm Shealy Keynote at Monroe Institute 2016 Professional Seminar

There is a lot of great information in this so take the time to listen to the whole thing.

2.) Energy Medicine with Norm Shealy, MD, Ph.D.

I really like this man because he has been around for a long time and never sold out to make a buck.

3.) World Congress Of Quantum Medicine 2013

This is good info but can be a tad bit long winded. Feel free to fast forward here and there.

If you do you will learn some good stuff.

4.) Foods News Updates 2016

If your still crazy enough to be eating fried foods then this will help to get you away form them.


I love Mother Earth News. If you don’t know about this you should check it out.

But the video here is great example of how you can make things at home that will save

you money and make them safer.


Carob is one of the world really great food sources. If you can find the whole carob pod you can use it to make some great tasting foods.

This video will give you a little bit more info on this great taste treat.

7.) Here is another good video on helping with ear problems and cleaning them.

8.) I love to hear other peoples perspectives on the subject of Holistic Health and Healing. This is a good video to look at the outline from a great perspective. Hope you can learn from this, some thoughts to consider.

9.) This is well done series on holistic health and wellness. The dialogue is a little hard to understand because it is a East Indian Doctor talking. But in spite of this it is a great series to reflect on things relative to holistic health.

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Many people can stand up and tell you what this person is telling you. As a matter of fact they do it all the time at one seminar or another. Everyone has written about this from their view of this problem. Myself included. I really like the addition of this consciousness into the healing program you use. It is also why I am an advocate of “Limbic Brain Retraining”. Click here to learn about this from some very funny and great stuff. Enjoy this video below and just take a minute and think.

Do You Know This Above Info? If you are a client of mine you should, if not then this is really important. Either way this is a great refresher video.

There are multiple things out of control in our world today that can impact your health. Such as Heavy Metal intoxication from dental, air, water and food. Then there is the impact of toxic chemicals that come from so many sources that it is near impossible to list them all. And lets not forget the impact of traumatic long term stress.

These are some major things that your body has to deal with every day. In the past these could be fixed and for many it was a health salvation. This was mostly what as health practitioners we dealt with in illness causes.

But today thing have changed in less than a decade. Here is a small example of many that I have on my site about this subject. Each year these circumstances are just getting worse. For the ultra-sensitives in our world they are like the “canaries in the mines” and they get sick first and demonstrate via the symptoms caused by these health destroyers. Those that are not in the hypersensitive groups will have the same problems ultimately but the depth of impact will be more insidious and extreme and require incredible measures of health care to deal with them. Most will have reached a point of no return.

This does not have to be you.