There is more to life than what we see daily for most of us! Think About This!

This is a series of great videos. Really worth taking a few moments to reflect on the majesty of the world we live in and what we need to keep in mind. We think that this is self protecting and we have little to do with the daily status of our planet. But we really are the dividing line between what will keep this world a place for the future children to wonder in, or to only be able to remember via pictures. Today this world has been left to the corporations basically. They are using this world of ours as a place to be picked dry.

This has changed some things irrevocably. But if we all wake up we can still act. It is not to late to save what is left. Just yesterday 9-17-16 the front page new on Yahoo showed a sink hole that opened up and tons of waster from a industry source came to the surface and was filled with Radioactive waste and more. This will fill the water aquifers in the area so that just under 300 thousand will be affected. This is going on daily all over the planet. We just go on with our daily lives and say well what can we do? That is the question. But there is a lot we all can still do. Contact agencies who are working to do things for the planet and support them. They are easy to find and are all over the internet. Do this for yourself and for the children who are growing up and yet to be born.