Bio Resonance At A Distance Analysis and Therapy

 Bio Resonance At A Distance Analysis and Therapy

Before the new Coined Term called Bioresonancy or Bio Resonance was invented it was called simply Bio-energy or Bio-energetic’s. This came from some early amazing research that you will learn about in the article. The video below tells two stories. The first is how you can use this process for benefits to human being;s by aligning frequencies to support body frequencies that are disturbed or dis-harmonic and or those non beneficial agents that attack the body such as microorganisms and many more aspects of cellular disturbances or aggression’s. But the second thing is that man made frequencies ( such as EMFs ) can be counter productive to our cells and body energy fields. This can be a very long topic and not for this article. I have written about this in my Free Book ( on Chronic Illness )on my home page.

If you go to my home page and do some over all reading you will find more on how this process can work for you with great benefits.

This is the only way to personalize and individualize healing for the person.You are as individual as a fingerprint and should be managed as such!

Distance or location is sometimes not a barrier for energetic healing, since body energies permeate all space around us in a Quantum Physics sense.

Some of the holistic testing methods use an object from the patient, such as a sample of hair or blood and even saliva to represent the energetic signature of the DNA of the person. When you put an agreement of intent into the equation you develop a kind of energetic link.

It is most helpful for the client to be receptive to the methods to be used as this creates a quantum physics link as well. The benefits of the methods used do not take place if the client does not wish it to occur, or if there are strong doubts, whether or not the practitioner and client are consciously aware of it.

There are layers of energetic imbalances that occur throughout the body. While some energy medicine sciences suggest that one therapy action is enough ( classical homeopathy), most suggest that it may take a number of sessions to work through layers of imbalanced energies (neo-homeopathy). Especially for chronic conditions.

Most energetic wellness methods blend physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual healing together to some degree. Unlike conventional medical science that often tries to separate these, the energetic medical arts often see them as interdependent.

Contrary to popular understanding, complete wellness is not simply the removal of symptoms. True and lasting wellness is a full and complete resolution of the causes of imbalance. Wellness is returning to a state of balance.

More On Distance Wellness Methods?

Many energetic methods can be used to analyze a person health status in a positive way, that occurs when the recipient is not physically present. This works in a similar way as being in the presence of the practitioner and using instruments to do the analysis.

Distance wellness care methods allows the recipient to benefit from the wellness analysis process even if they are unable to be present due to distance or un-wellness.

How does Distance Wellness Analysis Methods work?

Practitioners have recognized for centuries what modern astrophysicists and quantum physics scientists have only recently become aware of: We are all made of energy, vibrating at different pitches, designating different manifestations of life. For those people who are able to intuitively work with energy, or to learn the processes involved, healing is a matter of transferring and balancing that energy.

Working not with the direct physical body, but with the bodies pure energy means that the practitioner can operate outside of the normal limitations of time and space. This allows the practitioner to help and be active for the client without touching them.

Wellness energy is often termed “sub-atomic” and or “cosmic”, but what this means essentially is that any manifestation of life energy, including the seemingly inanimate.

Everything is energy. Everything and everyone has a frequency. It is an extraordinary gift to be anywhere in the world and to be able to address an energetic imbalance. This can and does work. I have people from all over the United States and other Countries, because of this system.


Using a Hair sample from a person as an energy inference pattern as an example, or DNA signature representation, you can tap into their subtle-energy and imbalances can be identified.

In Neo-homeopathy and Classical Homeopathy, a remedy or procedure is chosen for its ability to stimulate and re-balance the physical body through supplying a needed frequency of subtle energy change. If the remedy’s frequency or therapy process is correct for the patient’s energetic disturbance state, a resonant transfer of energy will allow the patient’s bioenergetic system to effectively assimilate the needed energy, throwing off the toxicity, unblocking blocks and cancel the negative field impact on the body and move to a new equilibrium point of wellness.

One can experience enhanced well-being on every level, if subtle-energy blockages are removed which impede our natural ability to keep ourselves in top condition. This may be experienced physically, mentally and emotionally. As negative frequencies are removed from the energetic field, one is able to express his or her life fully and completely. This means different things to different people. One may find energy levels are at a higher level allowing greater flexibility in one’s daily activities. It may mean a greater sense of awareness to what is going on around them. Or a complete state of physical balanced wellness again.


Here is a basic example of the concepts of homeopathy.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a brilliant German Physician developed a system of treatment based on the unique principle of “like cures like.”

We live at the threshold of a universal recognition that the human being is not mere matter, but a potent, energetic field of consciousness. Modalities of the past millennium are quickly giving way to the breakthrough technologies that help the human beings energetic aspects to help itself.

From an energetic standpoint, the human body, when weakened or shifted from equilibrium oscillates at a different and less harmonious frequency.

This abnormal frequency reflects a general state of cellular energetic imbalance within the physical body. When a weakened individual in unable to shift his or her energetic mode to the needed frequency (which in the case of infection, allows their immune system to properly defend the body), subtle energetic help may be needed.

If this same individual is supplied with a dose of the correct needed energetic frequency by various methods or actions, the cellular bioenergetic system will resonate in the proper vibrational mode, and return to homeostasis.

I hope this gives you a small look into what this is all about. It is a difficult subject to do justice to in a few words. My system uses the complexity of Neo-homeopathy and the energetic concepts of acupuncture and quantum physics to benefit those that I work with.

Look at the video that I just found today 12-14-15 that speaks well to the many things that I believe in and have written about in my book. This surprised me to be able to put it here is very appropriate.

Here is another that gives a great perspective.

Here is a video that give some indications that energy exists outside of the body.
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