Make your own yogurt easy and fast.

Homemade yogurt does not have to be hard to make, or time consuming at all!

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Why use your own yogurt and not the stores?
Well the main reason is, they do not do their process long enough to get rid of the milk sugars. This is key to good effect yogurt use so that you really have a great added probiotic benefit. The stuff in the stores is flavored junk.
The other thing to be aware of is that this is a protein and it is ACID. So use it in accordance to what you daily morning pH tell you when you check it for the state of your bodies daily pH. This then becomes simple. It is one of your proteins for the day.

For some of you it can be all that you need for protein for the day. Just remember the 80/20 rule. 80 % Alkaline foods in the total day and 20% Acid foods in the day and from the right sources.
When I first began to research the methods out there, it was disturbing on how much preparation that there was and how much time it took. Even with the new machines and tools.
After reading 30 or so options, I decided that the data was based mostly on outdated information.
The concepts of pasteurization seemed not be even understood. So the old dogma was still in place.
The right milk product used makes the difference.
You have to use a great organic and quality company. Such as Organic Valley Whole Milk.
Then the process is simple from there. ( I have learned a few simple tricks which I will pass on to you. )It take me from start to finish about ten to fifteen minutes to make it and get it into the machine and I’m done.
There is almost no real clean up.
You just need the right things to do the job and it can be fun and healthy when done correctly.
Here are the products and tools I use, and I make my yogurt about one or two time per week, depending on use.
First as I stated, is use Organic Valley Whole Milk. Half gallons are the best for ease of handling.
Second you will need a great Yogurt Starter. Don’t use a little from the last batch you made. I use the “Custom Probiotics Six Strain Yogurt Starter.”

If you are using the Custom Probiotic 11-Strain probiotic which everyone should be, you can use the adult scoop provided with it to make your measurements for the Starter. Use one half scoop of the adult scooper. Per quart of milk.
Third. You will need a “large bowl”.This has to be able to fit four “quart mason type canning jars” into it. You will be filling this large bowl with the hottest tap water you can use. Also as an important side note, you can get a larger “single jar” for your yogurt maker and this way you will only need one yogurt maker.

If you use just the quart jars you can fit two quart jars into the maker with one on its side on top. Other wise to make larger amounts you may need more yogurt makers. I have four of them and make one quart per maker. This is just my way of doing it and for the amount we use. The larger single jar may be your answer for less yogurt makers.

With the single jar you will have to add in more starter. Just use my measurements for the single quart amounts. That should work. Although I have not tried it yet. That is going to be my next experiment. The taste you end up with can be altered by adjusting the amount of the yogurt starter you use.
The jars will be in the water with their lids on to warm them to about 100 degrees. This take about ten minutes to happen.
Fourth. You will need a “thermometer”. This will be used in one of your quarts of milk that is in the water. This will be the only one with the lid off. When the thermometer reaches 100 degrees they are ready to take out and put the yogurt starter into.
Fifth. When you take them out put them on the counter on a paper towel. Open the lids and put in the half scoop in each one. Put the lids back on and shake them for a couple of seconds.
Sixth. Then they are ready to go into the preheated yogurt maker. This is all there is to it. You need to have them stay in the yogurt maker for at least 12 to 14 hours. This makes sure that all of the milk sugar it used up. This is very important.

Sixth. Yogurt machines. This is the one I use. It comes in a “kit” and as a “single unit.

Do not use the plastic container that comes with the units for making the yogurt. Also there is a yogurt starter that comes with the kit. This is a good starter and I used it before I found the Custom Probiotics Yogurt Starter.

The yogurt make this way is more like a Kefir in consistency. It can be eaten with a spoon but I like to drink it.
Add Stevia to sweeten and flavor“. Per quart it take four packets of the Sweet Leaf Stevia to make it taste great. You can also use the new Sweet Leaf Stevia Flavors to add to the yogurt as well to give it some extra great taste. I like the Vanilla and the Coconut Flavors the best. But they have others.
When the yogurt is done, just take it out and set it on the cupboard for about 15 minutes to let cool. Then put the refrigerator away from other foods to cool. It is best if you wait at least four hours before eating, as it gets thicker the longer you keep it cooled.
So that it.