Methylation Cycle Block

Methylation Cycle Block can create detox problems.

The actual chemistry regarding the methylation cycle is of course a complex subject by virtue of how all encompassing it is regarding the detoxification process and the regeneration process of the body, and the fact that it deals with bodies DNA and Genes.

 Methylation Cycle Block is a fascinating subject, and one of the many complex functions within the human body, along with the Citric Acid Cycle, (or Krebs Cycle as it is also known), of which the Methylation Cycle is part.

 What makes the cycle break and what prevents it from working properly is the key, not the fact that it is broken.

 The cycle is broken do to either Heredity or Acquired injury circumstances. Heredity ( past down from generations before you) speaks for itself. But the Acquired is another story altogether. This one is more often the one that is created along the way in life. It can factor in to your unwellness process anywhere along the line. ( This is true for other areas of Biologic injury as well)

 Acquired Cycle Block is most often a complex puzzle. You have to be able act on the depth of the injuries in real time, ( even though they may be decades old injuries to it ) when it comes to dealing with this problem. The body is in a constant state of adaptive flux, and even more so when it is ill. The idea that you can observe and deal with the outcome of this problem via blood, saliva or urine testing is absurd.

 In my system, I can analyze the complexity of the injuries to the cells and the causes and create the perfect place for you to begin with, and if needed change it again at a moments notice.

The body will be able to let me know through my analysis instruments what is needed and how much for how long. Any changes that begin to occur symptomatically can be dealt with  by just a simple phone call if needed. You don’t have to wait for a lab test to deal with a problem as is comes up in the process of method, and then by the time you get the results from those lab tests you may have changed already again.

 Your individuality is like a finger print. You have to deal with it in that manner. You can not guess your way into what to do next based on inadequate analysis.

 For many people, the Methylation Cycle Block problem is the most difficult to find part of why they are not able to get well again, and  then manage properly.

It is the Needle in the Haystack so to speak. When you combine the Methylation Block problem with Limbic System Neuroplasticity problems and others, you really have a lot to repair. But done in the proper sequence it can be done.

 I also given consideration to a similar cellular blocking condition called, “The Nitric Oxide Cycle Block”.  Within my method program for the Methylation Cycle, I will automatically be managing this as well.

 If it were not for great recent research in the area of Genetics, and specifically Nutri-Genetics, (or what is being called Nutri-Genomics), many people with today kinds of unwellnesses would not get their wellness back again. You can find out more about this in other areas of my website.

 Few people can afford to do lab testing in the conventional sense for the problem, even  if done just weekly? The cost is staggering, and the information is very hard to act on and interpret, and be consistently effective with the application of the products used to try to deal with the problem.

 For most people, they take a test and it is a kind of wait to see what  is said process and then take a guess a what to use, as well as  the amounts, and the length of time to use it. This ends up in frustration and finally the belief that this is not why they are having problems to begin with. Many will miss out on the needed therapies to correct this problem. So far I have not heard of anyone doing my methods and having my success.

 Put chemistry aside for a moment. What about the Bio-Energetic aspects that are equally or more important to be concerned with? If you forget the energetics , and its like trying to driving you body’s car with just two wheels, so to speak. This area is hard to speak on and I have done so in other areas of my website. But not addressed at the same time the you are managing the biochemical side you are doomed to failure.


What is Methylation Cycle Block or Stasis?

 In each of us, we have a cellular computer of a sort that sets the stage for functional cell continuation. When a cell is on duty and responsible for a series of specific actions, it does this very wise thing by its personal memory or, to be specific, a program code.

It has a great memory up to the limits of its individual imperfections. We are all given by heredity the sum total of all the damage and strengths that our forefathers gave us and if the DNA has been Damaged in the methylation aspect of cells and liver functions then you will have the Methylation Cycle Block problems.

 Imagine that you have a circle or loop made into a kind of assembly line. Each person that works on that assembly line needs to be there because they each do a very important job. There are just enough workers on the assembly line to be very effective at the work they do. Yet let’s say that in another factory next door, the same products are being made, but the factory is short several workers. They are missing here and there down the assembly line. The work still, in part, gets done, but the quality of the work goes down. Over time, the workers who are doing the work get very tired. The end result is lack of production and methylation cycle block.

 This is a basic example, to say the least, of Methylation Cycle Block. The factory workers in this real case are chromosomes and alleles and DNA as well as Genes. Specific weakness to the cells’ function where the workers left the line are called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPS or Snips for short).

 Many different types of nutrients are needed to help the process of Methylation to work properly, but seldom are the many that are suggested to be used, in my findings, the key nutrients that make the difference. Some do show up time and time again. Others less so, and some rarely.

 It is very important to remove or alter the reasons why these methylation blocks came to be in the first place, and to help the body out of the Bio-Energetic Blocks as well. Then you quickly see that the key nutrients surface and work much faster. Everything is about cellular balance and stability. Nutrients can only work if you stop the competing issues for cell functions.

 Only my program has the ability to identify and create directions that incorporate all things needed to fix what needs to be repaired with methylation cycle block.

 Two researchers have broken the ground for further research in the area of Methylation Cycle Block, the late Rich Van Konynenburg and Dr. Yasko’s work. Each of them use a guesstimation approach to how to deal with this overall problem. They are to be commended for bringing this problem to light and have done a great service for practitioners to be able to help their patients. But the methods used are outdated in comparison to what I use.


Herein is a compendium of current opinions and theories.


 So if you would like some information on this subject this is what is in vogue at the moment.

I do not myself sign on to this by its definitions, but there are pieces to this that are valuable information. You just can not take the data and act on it with much success. You have to be able to be specific to what the minimum things the body needs in order to get back the imbalance, as I have stated above.

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a symptom, not a diagnosis, and the name of the game is to identify the underlying causes. In fatigue syndromes we don’t see macro-pathology, we see micro-pathology… that is to say the problems are bio-chemical and occur at the molecular level.

 There are several cycles, ( especially including Methylation Cycle Block )which I now know to be centrally important in causing fatigue. All these cycles interlink with each other like Olympic rings and getting one cycle going will drive another. The important cycles which I know to be major players include blood sugar wobbles, allergy problems, sleep cycles, mitochondrial function, anti-oxidant status, the NO/OONO cycle, thyroid and adrenal hormone cycles, and detoxification. I am greatly indebted to Rich van Konynenburg for updating me on a new player which interlinks with many of the above, namely the methylation cycle.


The Methylation Cycle

 There is a generally recognized idea that ineffective methylation is a major cause of fatigue. There are many possible reasons, but those that he has identified for which methylation is essential to are:


  • To produce vital molecules such as Co Q-10 and carnitine.

  • To switch on DNA and switch off DNA. This is achieved by activating and deactivating genes by methylation. This is essential for gene expression and protein synthesis. Proteins, of course, make up the hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, immune factors and are fundamental to good wellness. When viruses attack our bodies, they take over our own DNA in order to replicate themselves. If we can’t switch DNA/RNA replication off then we will become more susceptible to viral infection.

  • To produce myelin for the brain and nervous system.

  • To determine the rate of synthesis of glutathione which is essential for detoxification.

  • To determine the rate of synthesis of glutathione which is an essential anti-oxidant as glutathione-peroxidase. Furthermore oxidative stress blocks glutathione synthesis – yet another vicious cycle!

  • To control sulphur metabolism of the body, not just glutathione but also cysteine, taurine, and sulphate. This is an important process for detoxification.

  • As part of folic acid metabolism. This also switches on synthesis of new DNA and RNA.

  • For normal immune function. The methylation cycle is essential for cell mediated immune function and blockages here will mean that infections will not be adequately dealt with. I know this clinically because many patients tell me that once they get on to their B12 injections (an essential co-factor for methylation) this seems to protect them from getting infections.

 The overall effect here is that if the methylation cycle doesn’t work, the immune system malfunctions, the detoxification system malfunctions, our ability to heal and repair is reduced, and the antioxidant system malfunctions and your are effectively Methylation Cycle Blocked.


The Bio-Chemistry

 There are four cornerstones to the methylation cycle and on each cornerstone sit four molecules, namely homocysteine, methionine, S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and S-adenosylhomocysteine. Each of these molecules leads into the next one by means of enzymes. The important co-factors that allow this to happen are the B vitamins such as folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. In converting from S-adenosyl methionine into S-adenosyl homocysteine, a methyl group is given up and this can be used to stick on to other molecules – hence the name, the methylation cycle.

 However, there is a particular bio-chemical glitch here which is part of Methylation Cycle Block. In order for the methylation cycle to work these B vitamins have to be in their activated form, namely methylcobalamin, folinic acid and pyridoxyl-5-phosphate. In order to get cobalamin into methylcobalamin, the methylation cycle has to be working. If this cycle has crashed completely, the body can’t make methyl cobalamin in order to get it up and running again. Since this cycle is so fundamental to other biochemical cycles, including trans-sulphuration and folate metabolism, it can’t change the vitamin B6, folic acid, and cobalamin into the active forms necessary for the methylation cycles to work.

 This means that in order to get this cycle up and running, initially we have to prime the pump with the activated vitamins. Hopefully once the methylation cycle is up and running, it can function on the vitamins in their normal states.