Natures Incontrovertible Laws Series

As a Nature focused health care practitioner with over 30 years in clinical practice behind me, and over 61,000 patient office visits, I can clearly state that as we destroy the nature around us we are doomed to more and more levels of chronic illness as a species. We are at a time of unprecedented levels of illness on a global scale such as the earth has never experienced before. Many people talk about this now and have voiced opinion on this problem for decades. Yet, little to nothing has been done to stop or turn it around.

Lots of political talk but no action. If there is an action taken it is usually one that is an ultimate benefit to a corporations bottom line income.

This series below is a great series as it tells an all to important visual story of a world we live in and intricate place we as humans play in its continued existence. I know you are tired of hearing things about this. Most of us turn a deaf ear to it because we feel we can do nothing about it. This may in the end be the case. But long ago I learned that in healing a person and getting wellness back for them gave them the ability to be a pro-active participant in the help to preserve this planet.

What I mean by this is the education they get in the participation of their healing and the continuation of it by eating organic foods, and using non toxic products and learning to think from the point of a health limbic system all created a movement of one. But in the right direction. The use of and the non use of the right and wrong things and the way we live our lives is a powerful statement. If each of us just did for ourselves what we need to in order to be really well, we would make an impact that through consumerism we would tell the world that this is the way to repair of our Nature Earth for all of us.

26743615 – earth in hands – grass background – environment concept

I love this world. I have seen the best and the worst of it from many countries. There is a way out. We just need to, each of us, begin to heal ourselves and we can heal the world.

If you are polluting your body, spirit and mind with noxious substance, toxic chemicals in your foods, and as a consumer choosing to use things that are poisonous to you and the world you are saying that you don’t just don’t care. There is no strong voice to those in control then not participating in what they have to offer that is toxic to us and the planet.