Do You Need A Holistic Health Practitioner?

So why would you need me?
  • Many people these days find themselves dissatisfied with the conventional forms of health care.
  • This is becoming a major contention for many people that chronic illness issues are not being dealt with in the proper manner by conventional healing methods.
  • To much guessing on what to do based on isolated or fractionated forms of testing, much of which can provide data that is flawed.
  • The costs are very high.
  • The substance used are toxic to the body.
  • Five minute appointments and a prescription.
  • Surgery prescribed for things that should not even be considered to remedy the illness.
  • Not able to get in contact with the doctor when you need to ask a question.
  • Treated like a number instead of a human being.
  • The list of annoyances could go on for some distance.

Is it any wonder that people are burned out on this manner of dealing with their illnesses?

So why then choose to contact a Holistic Health Practitioner?

Before you consider reaching out to a practitioner be sure that what you are going towards is in fact what you think it is. The term Holistic is applied to so many thing these days. It is now much like the word NATURAL.

This word at one time meant that it really was natural and by that fact it was good for you. The term of Holistic when applied to a practitioner is not telling you much except that they are saying they are wide an varied with the approach to healing.

They believe in a greater whole to what they are talking about. This is a very nebulous place to work from or within regarding healing and health.

Several key things need to be real evident when trying to find a person who is really going to provide you with competent health and wellness care.

1.)  What are they offering.

2.) What is their education and training regarding what they offer. How long did it take to get the training. Not just a few weekend courses, or a 6 month school online.

3.) What is their experience, how long have they been doing or practicing this or those methods.

4.) Are they licensed or certified by an actual board of licensing or certification that is really a competent system to offer these.

5.) If they are using the term Health Coach this is not a very reliable concept to deal with much but some nutrition suggestions, and that may not be even much as they may have learned it within a quick online course.

6.  ) Holistic Health Care is as much a system as conventional medicine is, and requires time,experience and long term training to become skilled enough to offer help to those in need.

We all want to be able to trust who we seek to help us to feel better again. So make sure that you have someone who really knows what they are offering you.

Take the time to talk with them in a consult and find out about them in as much detail as you can.

Once you think you know who you are going to call, make the call and interview of a sort.

Have your list of key questions that you want answered. Find out about them and the education and training and experience. Find out if they have dealt with you kind of symptoms before.

See if what they are going to do at your first appointment fits in with why you called them. See if they have written anything about what they do or believe.

These days a website can be a great resource to learn about what someone can offer you and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

If you can get a referral from a friend who knows the person so much the better.

Choose wisely. If you do your experience can be very rewarding and your health can be the better for it.

Be a discerning consumer and learn some about what you practitioner is asking you to do, or use before you do it.

In the end you have to participate in the process. You are part of the success or failure to what you are trying to repair. Most illnesses come from a body out of balance with itself and toxic and several levels. This usually does not happen over night, yet there are instances where this can be true.

You need to know what to consider. You need to know what possibilities can be part of why you are not well. Many times you can help, or alleviate your problems by just knowing how you got there and removing the cause.

My whole website and Free Books are here for you to learn from. Take the time and use this site to help you to prevent a future problem and to know how to find a good practitioner.