Why your not able to get well?


canstockphoto13069675Why does nothing you do make you well?

Why does nothing work? Here’s why!

The list below is what I have found clinically that can and does prevent anyone from getting well.

If these things listed below, together or individually are part of your daily life, then your chances of getting well can be slowed or stopped completely.

Most of the people who come to me after seeing many other practitioners have the below problems even when they have been so-called treated for them. Most will have at least in part been made worse from the efforts rather than helped and net even know that is why.

If you have any one of these areas below or a combination of them as a problem, you just are not going to get well.

This list is in no specific order of importance. Like it or not, these truths you are going to read below might be the missing piece as to why you are not able to get well again.

My website is a much more complete book on all of the subject matter listed below. For those who want to become well again my whole website ( The Reese Wellness System ) is where you need to start.

Read everything on my site,  then you will be ready to contact me and begin a program that will help you to get your wellness back again. As you will see my site is about many things and many different considerations. This can be your road to recovery. If you think you can not put the effort towards doing this, and it’s not because you are too ill to do it, then it will be time to move on to the next wellness care practitioner in line.

Many things create unwellness these days, if you miss the key causes for your wellness problems, you will just keep going in circles and not getting anywhere. It can take a lot of sacrifice for some to be able to get well again. If your are not willing to do some of these sacrifice’s then you are unlikely to get well again.  The day of the quick fix for many is over.


Dental, is one of the most over-looked or important areas to be concerned with. But you had better deal with it correctly, and most of all do it in the right sequence of your healing process. There is no Dentist who will be able to deal with your mouth correctly by a blood test or an X-ray. And guesstimation just doesn’t cut it.  I am a great advocate of Biological and Holistic Dentistry. But there needs to be a big caution when it comes to just jumping in and doing dental related work right up front as your first line of wellness care.

I have seen way to many medical actions taken that were ill-timed or not the correct action all together. This can create more problems for you than it solves. There are just as many wrong turns as there are right turns.  You need to be very educated when you go to the Dentist and you need to know what it is you’re doing and all of the consequences that can occur from you choices. I have been involved with Alternative Dentistry for over 27 years now, and as a practitioner I have learned that you should only do the dental work when the timing is right.

Learn what you need to know about this subject here. Holistic Dentistry.


All forms of Chemicals can hurt you even if they are so-called Natural, Organic Etc. When you lab manufacture and isolate a chemical from any substance, and create a product, you are using chemicals that are in the state your body can’t use.  The result is cellular destruction. Some sources are, Toxic Cosmetics, Clothing, Cleaning agents, Home Remodeling substances, Food Additives etc.

The daily routine you go through for the average person, puts you in contact with many types of chemicals. Some are ingested, some are contacted, and some are inhaled.

It doesn’t matter if you bought it organic from the wellness food store or you got it a local supermarket or the local hardware store. They all can be very toxic to the cells if the cells don’t need it as a nutrient for its life functions.

I have many people come to me who think they are doing the best of the best with all of the products they use. They may even buy everything from the local wellness food store thinking that it is great.  But often their efforts are still not correct. And most will be very sensitized at a cellular level from these products. Even when the products are stopped and not used the body needs to be Desensitized to them, so when they have minor exposure to them in the future it will not cause them to feel sick again. Some who have stopped using products for months or even years can still be in a place with cellular memory that they will react severely to them even with the smallest scent or contact. This can be stopped. See  What is ReeSet Desensitization.

When you are in a toxic load up at a cellular level from these kind of chemicals you will not be able to get the cells in your body to revive, so to speak. They can not function in the proper manner when they are processing chemicals that are not cellular nutrients. It is just that simple.   Chemicals cause and isolated and provoking action on the cells and the body will have no choice but to respond in a manner that is designed to protect you and try to eliminate the toxin. The problem is that if there is already damage past tolerance you will not come back to balance again at a cellular level until the toxic load is removed.  It is basic body chemistry. Toxins in toxins out. Doesn’t matter if it is from toxic  and poor quality foods, or the cleaning agents you use in your home. Poison to the cells acts just the same no matter what the source is.

I have yet to meet any person who is Ill due to the lack of a drug. I have met many who are ill do to the lack of cellular nutrients though.

Alcohol, Smoking, legal and illegal drugs.

I am only including this as a separate section because it is all to often looked at as an OK component of a person’s lifestyle. They somehow have decided that because others are doing it that it must be OK.

Nothing could be further from the truth!! There is an endless list of excuses for using these chemical agents. Many even will have some form of biased advertising from a group who advocates the chemical source, saying that a study says its OK for you, or great for you.

When you drink alcohols, caffeine’s in any form and take stimulants in any form, organic or otherwise you are basically altering body cellular chemical. These products are not looked at by the body as a cellular nutrients. When the cells come in contact with these agents they respond in a fight or flight action, and go into emergency mode to try to eliminate them.  This is done instantly as soon as the product reaches the senses in any manner. The natural action of the body at that moment is to try to detox the product as quickly as possible. During the time the chemical enters your cells, it exerts an action that causes the body to react to excrete the chemical. During the duration of that action of excretion, you feel it but it may have a type of feeling that you find pleasing. This does not mean that the effect on the cells is not devastatingly disastrous.

Poisoning by certain types of poisons that will kill you quickly, can also give you altered states of consciousness while it does it lethal deed.  The difference between that which is tolerated for a time and those that are not, is the ability of the body to sustain the impact at a cellular level. Once it is exceeded you will have a catastrophe. This is especially true with the legal drugs, like Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco and the soon to be most likely legalized Marijuana.

If the legal drugs of use today were to be reclassified by today’s definition of a narcotic drug,  they would have to be removed for general sales to the public. But the world is addicted and there is so much money being made off of them that they keep them in place. Just the medical profits of long-term use of these legal drugs are huge motivation to keep them in place. If you don’t care, they don’t care.

So if you think that you are going to get well-doing any of these substances you are sadly mistaken. 

Environmental Toxins.

These are just add on’s to the other’s above. But they are different in the sense that they come to use somewhat differently. These chemical toxins are from industry, cars, agriculture, manufacturing, gas heating as well as energy production, and the list goes on and on. But these are often the ones we don’t even think about or grew up as part of your world and you think is just the norm.

These types of chemicals are  cellular pollutants. They list in the hundreds of thousands today.

Many were taken out of circulation as being known to create cancer, but were dumped into the environment in such large amounts that it would take centuries to remove them from contact to us. Others are just exported to other countries and they use them and send them back to us in that manner.

If you live in an environment that is filled with these you will have problems from them, and it is just a matter of time.  They are in the air you breath, as well as the food and water. You wear them in your clothing and you sit and sleep on them. There are ways to not have this be a major factor for you. But most will not do them, as it will cause them to have to become knowledgeable about what they are and how to avoid or remove them. But for those of you who are ill you have no choice if you want to get well again. My website is all about the knowledge and the sources for dealing with this.

Foods and Eating.

If your eating Fast foods, Non Organic foods, Genetically Modified foods, Irradiated foods and Chemicalized foods you can just about forget getting well again. The body is not set up to handle those types of ingredients as a nutrients for cell functions. In time, depending on who you are genetically, they will begin to erode the quality of your life.

If you are eating those types of foods you have chosen to be unconscious on that critical subject to begin with. It is not like that subject has not been in every source of media out there for the last four decades. As such, most likely you will have been going to wellness care practitioner’s who are also asleep in this area of awareness.

Massive Electro Magnetic Fields.

Living in Apartments, Homes, and Working in high EMF’s environments will set you up for cellular failure. It is just a matter of how it begins to create a break down in your cellular communications systems. Learn more on this here:  EMF’s and Hypersensitivity.

Bad Health Care Practitioner Management & Incorrect Health Care Methods.

Not enough can be said about the ignorance in the medical care arena. The lack of understanding on the subject of Human Requirements for life, is a huge problem. Many are in the medical care industry for the income primarily. Some are in it for the status and some are actually in it because they really want to heal. The later is often times the exception to the story. It takes great sacrifice and a very low EGO to become a great healer.

Many practitioner’s are quite paralyzed behind a wall of Philosophies and Medical Dogma. Holistic and Conventional both. Many are in such denial that their system of Medicine is lacking that they would just let the patient die rather than look at options that could heal them. Medical Doctrines are established to keep a system in place that supports its growth. Medicine is big business, never let that be forgotten. It is a self-serving business and has the “Fox Guarding The Hen House” so to speak, when it comes to medical truths.

For a practitioner to move away from these Doctrine’s is Heresy, and the consequences can be dire for the practitioner. Ignorance is not a place to wallow in if you are in the wellness care arena. Every country in the world has some great things to offer from its current wellness care systems both holistic and conventional, to its past systems as well. They all have flaws and they all have some great things to offer. You have to be unbiased and not in a financial vested interest to be able to take the best of all systems and make the available to those who are ill. If this was done correctly we would see an end to all sickness on this planet. The knowledge does exist today and used correctly can work every time for everyone. But this has yet to come into existence. To much money to much ego.

If you are having trouble with the wellness care program you’re in and it’s not working for you, move on and keep looking and learning. Eventually you will know enough to make good decisions about the kind of wellness and wellness care you need. Don’t just except when someone tells you there is not an answer for your problems that this is so. It is not.

Seek first what will not damage you by its cure.

Severe Body Structural Damages.

If you have been damaged either by an accident or other circumstances you can have blocks that can create problems that make it very hard for the body to rebuild itself.

It does not mean that you can not do it, but it will often times require a very complex mix of actions to bring stability back to the damages areas. Scars for instance can block certain types of energy flows through the body. When this happens you need to get them open again. It can be done. But like any aspect of the bodies lack of balance you need to know where to start. The problem with injury is the body remembers that it happened and acts like it is still happening at a cellular memory level and may have been years ago. This is part of the Endocrine systems primitive protections systems that can actually make things worse for you rather than better. But even this can be changed. You just have to desensitize the body from the memory and help the brain and limbic system to change.

Learn about how the Limbic System can keep you in a negative repeating loop of unwellness here. The Limbic System.

DNA Damages.

With all of the things I am talking about here in this section and on my website this is often times where the end result of unwellness is lodged. This can be a major area of concern.

It can come in the form of a Miasma or Hereditary event. Or it can come from a series of actions or causes against the body in your life time. The accumulation of these events can cause the DNA to become damaged or blocked. This can be helped.

One such block is called Methylation Cycle Block.  Learn about this here. Methylation Cycle Block.

Self Sabotage.

This is a big problem. Many people are in such a state in life that everything they do causes them harm in one way or the other. If there are two choices for them, like the right way or the wrong way, they will pick the wrong way nearly every time. For many people this way of life is what is causes them to not be able to follow a simple wellness care program and get to the end of it with success.

Some will be dealing with Addictions and Phobias and other types of Emotional issues. This will have been going on for some time and will have formed their personality. When you are so fixated in your destruction you will always find a way to stay there. This no one can fix. You have to reach a point where you are ready to really make the changes and save your life. If not, then no one will ever overcome your personal choices.  If you want to change and create a way to be supported through your changes you can be successful.

When I see the Self Sabotage come into play, I have a talk with them and let them know that this is not acceptable and they will have to begin to change the behavior. This can be done with my help as well as outside help. If they are in earnest we go forward, if not, I will know in two to three visits and will advise them to get some care in this area and come back when they are better.

No wellness care practitioner should try to manage a Self Sabotaging person unless this is their practice. The end result is always bad. The person will eventually blame you in spite of all you talked about on the action’s they are taking, with lack of compliance within the wellness care program.

Functional Acid pH.

This is an area that for many is the dividing line between success or failure of their wellness restoration.

So much has been written on this subject and a lot of it is just not correct. I have written about this on my site so I won’t go into all of it here.

But know this, the body is an alkaline functioning mechanism, and when it is in a state of functional acidosis your chances of getting your wellness back are very slim. You need to begin to deal with this right from the start. If this is not done, you will find that you may just get worse.

Destabilized Limbic System, Endocrine System and Hormone Systems.

This section is here so I can comment on it, but there is too much to be said on this for this little section. So I recommend that you read up on this in my site.

But here is a truth. If you don’t deal with this from the beginning, you will find that you will have a lot of trouble managing the die off from any form of Anti-microbial methods.

The body is in a constant state of trying to balance itself. This is classically called Homeostasis. But the ability to really do this is based on how well you can fix the imbalances within the Endocrine System and the Brain. If your senses are not able to report to you the truth and then react to it correctly you will find that the organs will be in a constant state of imbalance. Check out this area of problem called Endocrine Disruptors.

This is how you end up with a lack of Detox capabilities. If you can’t detox, you will not be able to get well no matter what you do.

Over Colonization Of Pathological Microorganisms.

No one in the USA who has not completed a successful anti-microbial program will get well.

Even those who think they did this, will in most cases not be correct. This is one of the hardest things to do and to do right. Too much or too little of the methods and you will fail. You may even see some sort of clinical evidence via some lab test that says all is well.

You will assume that since your were told all is well with this problems that there is still something else to find to deal with.  This is so common, that I would say nearly 95% of those who come to me have this problem.

It took me over 30 years of clinical work to figure out all of the in’s and out’s of this basic problem. I have been very successful with this, as I was forced to go way beyond what others do when it comes to this area.  Read “MY STORY” on my site and you will know what I mean.

So if you have had this area treated, don’t rest on the thought that it is behind you and now there is something else missing. It may be that this is still at least a major part of why you are not progressing. For more info on this click on this. Bad Microbes.

Lack of “Proper” Exercise.

There needs to be another word for this “EXERCISE” word. It is over used today with mostly weight issues or body building issues attached to it.

When you are sick and tired the last thing you want or can do is exercise. I get that.

But you still need to move the body in such a way that you move the Lymph System and help the Cardiovascular System work. Not to mention not letting the Muscles and Joints atrophy. But it can be done in a manner that is gentle, and not requiring a lot of time and effort. Even with the worst of Adrenal Burn Out and Chronic Fatigue you can do the methods I recommend.

But don’t make the mistake of going into Chlorine or chemical based swimming pools or hot tubes and think this is a great place to stretch or exercise. This will defeat the whole  process. I recommend Tai Chi or Chi Gong for my people or at least walking and maybe even light mini-trampoline. There are others that can be good, but it depends on the state of wellness the person is in.

Negative Emotional Stimulus.

What is key to this area of wellness care is not giving your Limbic System a constant state of negative input.  This area of the brain is like a little kid. It takes in everything and stores it not matter what the nature of it is. It can be good, bad, or indifferent. It remembers and creates a response to it. It does this as part of the safety switch built into us called Fight or Flight mechanism. This was set up by nature to protect us from things that could kill or hurt us. It is a primitive set up that is still working today in this futuristic world we live in.

The sick person is locked behind a series of false inputs that are creating outcomes for the body’s response system that literally burn you out.

Things like constant severe fights with a family member or co-worker, or bad movies R rated and worse. The state to the world via the news and the state of your personal economy. The effects of EMF’s on the body and the constant state of Chemical hits the body and gets along with constant high stress can all create a major disturbance when done over a long enough time.

Many things can bring the Limbic System into an improper response pattern. This will lock you up and stop you from balancing your body via tried and true wellness care methods.

Severe allergies and desensitization’s.

Once you begin to create deficiency within the bodies energetic and biochemical systems you will eventually end up with Allergies and become Sensitized. If it is a substance that your body need like foods and sunlight, you definitely do not want this to be wrongly reacted to. But things like toxic chemical and others you should react to, but not in a hyper-reactive way that creates a constant state of fight or flight.

The people who find themselves in a reactive loop with many different things need to be helped very quickly. This is a major state that will create all kinds of symptoms that will seem like it is something else. Many times these will be misinterpreted and be treated via the symptoms. This will only make things worse.

This area is acknowledged but most often improperly treated. Few understand the methods needed to set up the repair.  It took me quite a few years to learn all of the different systems out there for this help process. They all had some great things to offer but most had some major holes. I ended up using the best of each system and built my own that works every time now.  See Desensitization.

In the last 15 years I have had a very few who this was not a major part of their problem.

Heavy Metals

While heavy metals is not one of the topics a lot of doctors get into with their patients, it should be. You can pick these negative metals up from foods, water, air, clothing and teeth.

There are other ways less common but still quite impactful, such as immunizations and handling other types of compounds that contain these metals.

There is plenty said about this subject on the internet. And within my website I discuss this as well. But the bottom line is that if this is a factor for you and it is for 95% of you, you need to remove them and you need to do it right. Most who attempt to do this do this wrong using wrong methods and substances. If you do it wrong you will get worse!  You will learn a lot more about this via my web site. The Reese Wellness System.

In Conclusion.

I hardly touched on the above areas, so don’t draw any conclusions from the words above. Use this section as a guide to learn more about and to see if this be the missed reasons for why everything you do fail.

It is this mix of things and others not talked about here that will be the blocks to your wellness to return.

Your goals should be :

To live in Clean Air, Not In Polluted Air.

To drink Clean Water, Not Toxic Water.

To eat Clean Food, Not Toxic Food.

To live in a Clean Non-Toxic Environment.

To work in a Clean Non-Toxic Workplace.

To have a Clean and Non-Toxic Mind.

To have a Clean and Non-Toxic Spirit.

We are at our least point of value to our spiritual selves and the world, when we do nothing to increase the quality of our spiritual growth and lessons, and do nothing to help anyone else in life!

Those that believe medical lies, live there life within the lie! Seek the truth no matter how unpopular it may be.

If you will not hear the truth, you will be Deaf to the Truth.

If you will not see the truth, you will be Blind to the Truth.

The mindless do not think, therefore, they do not know.

Those that are asleep in life, are not conscious in spirit.

 The Reese Wellness Program can reduce, change or repair these major causes of negative health impact. But it is a team effort. You have to be willing to make the changes.