Organic & Non Toxic Pregnancy


Organic & Non Toxic Pregnancy Organic & Non Toxic Pregnancy is the key to a safe and wellness pregnancy for both the mother and the child.

Many of the women whom I have worked with over the years as a wellness care provider using Holistic means for their care have found that what they have been told about pregnancy is often times just not right.
Moms when pregnant can be overly emotional and scared, even if it is not their first time. This article will give you tips that can help you get through this unsure time with ease.
Talking to those women you know who have been through a pregnancy can be supportive. However, I have found that it can also set up false expectations and outcomes that happened to the advisor because they did not manage their pregnancy well.
Even well intentioned Mid-Wife’s can give information to the new mom that is based on dealing with toxic moms going through the pregnancy. You do not have to have the negative experiences that other moms have had.
If you are smart, you should begin a Holistic wellness-care plan for yourself and the father  of the new baby. This should start a whole year before you plan to have your baby. You need to be free of Bad Microbes that can be in you creating problems that you may or may not be aware of. Often times these will show up in Pre-natal exams and tests that should have been dealt with before the pregnancy.

You need to be on a program that helps your body to remove, Heavy Metals and Bad stored up Chemicals from your tissues.
You need to have your bodies pH in proper balance and a diet that will keep it that way during the pregnancy and after during the nursing phase as
well  Your teeth and the state of their wellness also need to be dealt with in a
proper Holistic way.

The diet you follow needs be filled with the proper kinds of foods that are Organic and correct for your nutritional needs. This is a time for the body to be in a state of toxin-free living and high-quality nutrition.
Make sure that you have an environment that you live in that is safe during the conception of the pregnancy and all during and after the birth.
These things and more are needed to make sure that the DNA that you, and your husband donate to your child is in a wellness state. You need your filter organs and excretion systems to be working well.
It is all easy to do and will make the whole experience for you and your baby without problems.  Toxic environments and bodies make toxic children.
You don’t have to gain tons of weight either. That is a myth. The weight of the wellness baby plus the extra nutrient stores that you need for nursing is all that you need to gain.
Cravings are not supposed to be there if you are eating correctly, and you nutrient intake is proper. Don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to get fat. This is not the time to create added stores of fats within the body that are not needed for the baby’s wellness.
Make sure that you are very comfortable with where you are going to have your birthing experience. Choose wisely who you will have deliver your baby. This can be a whole other article regarding the home or hospital delivery.
Use light exercise to prepare for labor such as Tai Chi the Yin Form (pick up a CD online) and walking daily but not in traffic. If you can get into a saline swimming pool not a chlorine pool or chemical based pool this is
a great exercise.
Make a birthing plan. Note exactly what you will need to have the experience you want. Share it with who ever will be there when you give birth.
Brush and floss your teeth daily while pregnant. Pregnancy can make a woman prone to greater problems related to gingivitis and gum disease.
Another note is that you should not be having so-called morning sickness. This is due to poor diet and a toxic liver and gallbladder and some other related systems. This area should be fixed way before you get pregnant or at least as soon as possible.
You have just read some key tips on pregnancy. Some of these you have probably heard before, though some are brand new pieces of advice that can be very helpful.