Part two of what your Free appointment will consist of:

My Free appointments are exclusively for those who have found me via the internet or related sites. This is to introduce you to what my system is and how it works, since you are not coming to me from a referral source such as a past or current client of mine.

Below you will find some things that I will be looking into at your Free Appointment. This is a general look at a more lengthy process that often needs to be done.

  • A complete Food and Eating Program for you based on my findings.
  • A comprehensive  list of key supplement suggestions to support your wellness process.
  • pH issues
  • Dysbiosis and microbes of related areas of causes
  • Methylation cycle block
  • Heavy metals toxicity
  • Fat stored toxic chemicals
  • Food sensitivities, supplement sensitivities, herbal sensitivities
  • Allergens, inhalants, contactants and a wide variety of chemicals
  • Nutrient and cellular deficiencies
  • Finding out what aspects of your bodies internal functional systems are out of balance.
  • Hormone blocks, both male and females
  • Structural skeletal and muscle and tissue problems
  • Limbic system and neuroplasticity problems
  • Your need for Neo-Homeopathy, Homeo-Energetic Remedies
  • Orthomolecular nutrient imbalances
  • Enzymes and cellular functional problems.
  • Environmental toxic loads from many sources
  • You will find out if your teeth might be a contributing problem with your meridian functions.
  • Well over 200 key things relevant to what your wellness structure is dependent on will be checked.

The very best part about all of this is that you can do all of this from the privacy and comfort of your own home, or any place in the world you might be. Learn more click here.