Substance Sensitivity VS. Intolerance, Whats The Difference


Substance Sensitivity VS. Intolerance, Whats The Difference?

Is there are real difference? Yes there definitely is !

In simple terms if you get violently sick and have life threatening responses from eating certain types of foods, or other types of non food substances, you are “Severe Intolerant”.

But if you just feel bad over all and have reactions like runny nose or loose bowels,itchy skin, very tired, dizzy etc or other types of non life threatening symptoms , then it is most likely“General Sensitivity”.

The Intolerant group is all about the Gene/DNA aspects of your cells and heredity. It is encoded into you and is more serious in its impact more often than not.

The Latent or General Sensitivity of any substance you are reactive to, is all about the Immune system and its improper actions against these substances, with one exception and that is for those things that are truly toxic to your system and cells .

There is much debate over exactly why these things occur. My website is really all about how the body gets the causes of unwellness drawn into the body, and the end result of what happens when this takes place.

We are injured daily from many insults to the body. Some are tolerated to a point, others are simply not. When the “simply not’s” exceed the point where you can resist the load you breakdown. That just the way it is. Your DNA/Genes set the stage for how this is going to happen.

The impact from these various loads will at some point influence your digestive system. When this begins to be compromised you will end up with one possible expression of this which is a bowel that will simple lose its protective membrane integrity and you will have food elements going where they should not go into your body.

This then brings the immune system into play. The white blood cells do their job correctly and identify those food elements as invaders now instead of nutrients and they remember this for the next time they have to react to the presence of that food element.

So any food that gets out of its digestive chambering systems will lead to immune response and over time as this occurs and recurs you will find that the severity of the immune response gets stronger and more intense.

What I have said is an over simplification of a complex set of actions that occur. But the point is that when there is a break in the primitive stability of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract or any mucous membrane attached to it you will end up with an intolerance response.

If you have a food Intolerance and it is severe it is possible to lessen that, and reduce the intensity of the response actions. This won’t change the Gene/DNA relationship to it per-se. But over time with effort you can make yourself strong enough and desensitized enough, that you can be safer if you were to get an exposure that you did not intend to get.

This takes dealing with your lifestyle and repairing your body to the point that its over-all health is amazingly good.

With Desensitization and proper repair of the Biological Terrain of the body you can see amazing results.

But if you don’t stay in that place of wellness for several years and maintain the effort, then you will most assuredly have problems.

Proper internal friendly bacteria, properly established, and proper pH in the body fluids, will set the stage for Primitive Strength and Immune capability.

If you use the right tools and maintain the lifestyle that allows long-term repair to take up residency you can have wellness that spans the decades. I know because I have not been ill in any form for over 39 years now. I had two times in my life that I got food poisoning but that was it.

The money I have saved by not having the need for typical medical insurance and not having to have a doctor’s office visit can only be guessed on. But I am sure it is in the hundred thousands by now.

I am going to be making some huge changes in my websites all ten of them over the next few weeks.

I will be consolidating them into one website and making it easier for me to maintain.

This will allow me more time to write and produce Newsletters for you to learn from and even have some fun with.

I am trying to provide a free information portal to those who want to learn.

If there is a direction or subject that you would like to learn more about or to get education in-depth about let me know. I would prefer to write about things that solve your daily problems than to just write about current events in the Holistic Health Care arena.

When I sit down to write each week I want what I am writing to be what you want to learn about.

It can be about related areas of anything that I have listed on my website. Any category or subject is open.

I have been doing this Holistic, Alternative, Organic lifestyle now for about 40 plus years. I have learned so much. I want to share it with other now at this point in my life.

I have been called a walking encyclopedia, of knowledge on many subjects relating to Wellness and living a Sustainable life. Form medicine to solar systems. I have it all available in years of experience with it. You might as well use it to learn from. Heck you can even make money from a lot of it.

The idea is we all need to help each other have better lives. That is my passion and my spiritual duty.

Now for EHS. I can not say enough about this problem. You will be surprised at the updated data on this subject that I have included here today. There is a new set of circumstances that will affect us all coming very soon. 5 G is coming this year 2017! This will effect each and every person with no exceptions. The variations of types of illnesses caused by this impact from this high powered wireless signal will be silent for most people except those who are the very sensitive. They will show it in primary symptoms. The rest will never even consider this as a factor in their health issues. 5 G is already out in parts of Europe and there is already talk of 6 G.

I am making this information available to all as I see it of that kind of importance. So it will be on my homepage as of today.

Click this link……...www.reesewellness. When you arrive at the site just scroll down the center page and read.

This above site and all of my sites have been changed considerably over the last two weeks. As you will see if you look around.

More changes are to come in the next couple of week regarding therapies and program options. So check back.

Looking forward to hearing from you and what you want to learn about. What do you think?

Take care