For many years I have worked in the field of “Energetic Healing”.

That term “Energetic Healing,” constitutes many different definitions depending on who you talk to and their interpretation of the meaning of “Energetic Healing”.

My research, like most of my research is quite pragmatic in one sense, and at the same time quite the opposite.

No matter who I learned from or how I learned it, I found that many times there were flaws in the concepts or actual methods used. It did not ultimately mean that the process or substances used did not work, on the contrary, this is what brought me to them in the first place. Many of these just needed to be refined, adapted and updated in order to be useful.

As time went on, and as I moved from a novice regarding “Energetic Methods” to more of a master in the field of Holistic Wellness Care, I became more able to discern what was a true wellness tool or method, and what was not.

Now today after nearly 42 years of education and training and 28 years in clinical practice, I am able to really see things from a perspective that allows me to create methods myself.

One of my own methods that I have added to my other successful systems is called.  “Energetic Autopathic-Isopathy”.

What is hard to show examples of, and is hard to explain to people, is how a visually non-existent source of energetic information can have an effect on the physical person. Like acupuncture for instance. I works, but how it works is strictly energetic. You can broadcast a live picture around the world in the form of an invisible frequency and have it come in to you home via an antenna and you see it live happening at that moment. Again not able to be seen but it happens.

The nature of how we experience life is with our primary senses. This gives us a kind of closed reality. We observe and we draw conclusions on those observations which are most often, short sighted and incomplete.

But many things are part of our world that are not part of our sensory observations. But they do truly exist, and they impact us in so many ways. They affect us with everything we do daily. If you stay out in the sun to long, you get burned by the frequency coming to you from it. Yet, you do not see the frequency.

Many things that are part of our lives that effect us are not touchable. They are not seen. You can’t smell them. You can’t hear them. But never the less they do exist.

These things which are intangibles, have been discovered mostly by accident. Or if your will by Divine intervention.

For many thousands of years these intangible energetic principals have been known about, and have played a part in how many belief systems have developed. They have been talked about as forces. They have been used in medical systems over the centuries.

They have recently been discovered by the Sciences. They are being acknowledged as part of our non-physical world. Sciences are now trying to understand what those who understood them centuries ago knew.

For me this awareness came about when I was trained in Classical Homeopathy back in 1980, and then again in Acupuncture College back in 1984. But my biggest jump came a few years after graduation from Acupuncture College.

The next step of awakening came for me, when I learned about the electronic and energetic medicine concepts from a very respected, world wide research group in energetic medicine, who focused its self in the European and German research methods relating to this process. That part all began in 1988 and turned out to be decades of training and education in the fields of energetic health care.

Over the decades I learned that you could affect the energetic aspects of the body, and by doing so, unblock the blocks that occur when the body experiences any type of wellness issues. By doing so, this then let the body heal itself. I was amazed and could not learn enough on the subject.

The main thing that I have found working in the holistic wellness field is that we as humans will never do better than what the planetary nature of things was meant to do for our wellness. We can only hope to support it. Energetic principals are effective because they are nature in its truest form.

We are part of nature. The infinite aspects of human existence is wrapped up in the energetic side of what nature really is. We will never continue to exist as a species unless we learn to use nature as our wellness and healing model.

We will survive or not, based on our nurturing of this awareness and understanding that we must protect its functions, and maintain its integrity. If we do not follow these simple laws, then we will continue to experience greater and greater levels of Chronic Un-wellness as well as the destruction of the planet.

My new method and current system is not a medical system by its actions or design. It is a support and management system designed for the return of your primitive stability.

 Within that process is where the body can takes back its ability to be whole and well. My system is not about treating disease. Disease, by and of itself is and end results of effects and causes, and is really an untreatable condition by its definition.

There is no method or substance that exists today that is effective for the cure for disease by and of itself. There is only removing the cause of body disharmony, and helping the nature of the body do its amazing healing.

No person will ever step above this simple principal. If the cause of energetic disturbance is not removed from the bodies environment, both external and internal, then the internal biological terrain and its functioning relating to the physical mass as well as the emotional and mental state, will deteriorate at the rate your genetics dictates.

Today we are in need of energetic healing of the whole planet. Not just the people who live on it. We are, as a species making the planets body sick as well. We survive due to the wellness of the planet. We are attached to the nature of the planet. 

There will be no kind of medical intervention capable of dealing with the outcome of the destruction of the planet. You can’t put “Humpty Dumpty” back together if you don’t understand what makes him work. There are few who do. They speak but mostly no one is listening, this has always been the case. Until the damage is done, and then they say, “oops, we should have listened”.

Today more than ever we need to use the Quantum Physics model of awareness to turn around and repair what has been done to us, and the planet.

I do what I do in my life and my work because I feel that this is a calling for me.

The lack of knowledge about this whole subject of what wellness really is and means, is as it has always been, relegated to the background. It is suppressed into near oblivion these days. Each day more is being removed. We live in an oppressive type atmosphere, regarding the simplest aspects of being able to make personal choices for taking care of ourselves.

For me, I will take what I have learned, and use it for those who are meant to find me for its benefit to them, I will do this as long as I can.  It is my spiritual duty to do this, and I am thankful to be able to have it to do it for those who want it.

I am thrilled each day that I learn more, and am able to educate and help those who are having trouble with the wellness of their daily lives. This I am over-joyed to do. I feel that if I can help even a small percent in some way, that this will instill the awareness of how amazing nature is in them and maybe, just maybe, it will stay out there and continue on.

As I have stated throughout my book, if you are being impacted by “CAUSES” and you are staying in the “CAUSE” you can not expect to have health return.

The most important aspect of all of this is, that you will first break down at the “Energetic Level”. This will be the level that is the hardest to detect and the hardest to fix.

All aspects of human life and wellness are first “Energetic” in nature and secondly biological.

Failure to understand this and nurture it, is the reason why we get sick and stay sick.

The key is to identify this state of un-wellness within the energetic continuum, and be able change the impact so that you move back to a state of primitive wellness again. This is the only way that real wellness is ever returned.

It is not the substances or products that you use to return biochemistry back to a state of balance, but the reestablishment of the energetic balance. Biochemistry is very important, but it is only secondary to regaining total wellness again.

Once the state of  your” Energetic Frequencies” in you body are subverted or altered, you will begin to have various states of degeneration.

So first you must stop the reason for the disturbance of the bodies natural wellness energy field, and then you must re-harmonize the bodies frequencies.

There is one system historically that really did this completely and precisely. It was classical Homeopathy. But with the advent of the turn of the century from the 1800s to the 1900s, this method slowly lost its ability to do this as well.

Because of the nature of the causes and their impact on you today, if you try to use classically applied principal’s of homeopathy, it is nearly impossible for it to work for most of the population of the world. It is not to say that some are not helped by the classic methods still, they are but not nearly like it used to be a few decades ago.

The Neo Homeo-energetic methods discovered by the renegades to classical homeopathy and myself, can and do work.

My new system is designed to work best when there is removal of the cause. It can and will help in every case even for those who do not create removal of all causes. But the totality of the success will be dependent on how much you can remove. This will be out of my hands.

I can not do the impossible, nor can any practitioner today. This is just the way it is now in 2015.

Can you expect to give a person who gets out of a shower, a nice clean dry towel, and then send them out into the rain to dry off, and really achieve success in getting dry? I guess you could say that you could keep them supplied with a constant source of dry towels. But that would seem to be an exercise in futility. That can be said with the constant application of any type of health care process. Soon you will run out of options, and the process itself can become part of the collective problems of cause.

My new method is very simple to use and to apply. It only takes a few minutes to do within an appointment as far as the application. But, prior to each appointment, about a half hour of analysis has to take place to make it all work during the appointment.

It is also quite complex to explain how it really works at an energetic level. The goal is to remove the negative frequencies in the body and start to allow the body to use this as a way of healing itself. This is the only way the body can and does heal. This is the only method that can help your body to find wellness again. Once the energetic imbalances are corrected, then you can apply biological principals to finish the job.

My new system is a blend of Neo-Homeopathy, acupuncture related concepts, and quantum physics principal’s.

Since everything is at its basis energy then it is here where you need to focus the first primary steps of re-establishing wellness again.

Take the “causative negating frequency”, which is just perverse quantum information, and in a specific manner, antidote the impact by canceling the perverse information and present the cells with new information, to begin the reestablishment of biochemical normalcy. This is the key.

Imagine person “A” holding the end of a 20 foot rope, we will call person “A” the perverse frequency of unwellness cause. Then imagine person “B” holding the other end of the rope. Person “A” takes the rope and lifts and drops it quickly. This sends a snake like motion down the rope to person “B”. When it reaches person “B” if done hard enough person “B” will feel the whip like action as a jerk or hit.

This is how the body feels when it is hit by an outside pathological causative frequency of any type. It is felt at the cell level and at the atomic level of the energy of the cells.

Now lets go back to the  example.

Imagine that when person “A” shakes the rope, at the same time person “B” does the exact same thing with their end and what happens is that both of wave or snake like action reaches the center at the same time and the end result is that the motion set into motion by person “B” cancels out person “A” effect.

This is what happens when you use a same cures same principal with an energetic method of healing.

This is not a new principal. It was the basis for homeopathy a long time ago. But today person “A” has changed and today person “B” has changed. This then means you need a new method of cancelling the cause.

This is what my new system is capable of doing.

Beyond that it would take a book to explain the specifics of my method. This would be counter productive to my intent here. As I am not trying to teach how it works but that it is needed.

The terms we are familiar with do apply and don’t apply within my new system.

Such as Acute, Chronic, Constitutional, Miasmatic, Hereditary. These are terms that mean states of imbalance that require specific actions to manage them.

Now each has to be looked at with several new meanings relating to what to do about them.

The status of your resistance to an injury or event no matter what the cause or source is, depends on the so called Constitution you have. The level of care and the nature of the care has to have this as part of the consideration to beginning and ending any kind of wellness protocols to be applied.

Know that when you begin a process of helping the body to take back its ability to be well you will have hurdles to go through. They can be felt both in a physical way and an emotional way. One is rarely without the other in human wellness or lack thereof. So when you begin this journey expect to find the experience a little like a roller coaster.

The depths and the heights will be proportionate to the level of instability your body is experiencing and how long it has been accumulating. You can feel the immediate change as a sense of relief or it can feel as though the process is getting worse. This is the nature of how a body finds its way back to the state of wellness that you have genetic coding to return to.

Any energetic or biochemical block that you have inside you, can be major or minor. They can be part of cellular memory, or they can be current. The more your body has to work to clear a block the more you can feel that this is happening. The older and more entrenched it is, the more time it can take.

There is no way to determine the time or intensity of what it will take to find wellness again. This is your body and your personal choices that will dictate this. All my system or anyone’s system can do, is assist this process and help you to know what will be supportive to the process.

The only expectation you should have is that you can change the cause, you can support the process and you can create a consciousness that allows it all to happen. The rest is up to nature and the energetics in your body to do the repairs. This then brings the level of wellness back that can occur.

We are all subject to the limitations of our Genetics and the world we live in today. This is just the way it is now.