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What Is Phenomenal Water And Why Use It? 

The presence of excessive hydrogen causes the body to be acidic. The more hydrogen, the more acidic the body will be.

Phenomenal Water

The less toxic amounts of unusable hydrogen in your body in the form of stored acidic residue , the more potential for alkalinity, and the body uses the alkalinity to regenerate itself.

Keep in mind that the body needs hydrogen, but just not in a toxic excess amounts. Which is the case for most of the people that are ill. Excess hydrogen is a terrain destabilizer.

Here are a few of the many things that can cause acidity or the potential to allow excess hydrogen in the body:

Electromagnetic Fields, Alcohols, Heated Oils in all forms, Hydrogenated foods, Carbonated beverages, Citrus Products, Fermented foods, Recreational Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Caffeine Based Products, all Non-nutritive chemicals in any form Emotional Stressors, Synthetic Vitamin, and so many other things!

The free acid hydrogen not bound to fats in our body binds with the large water molecules and is easily excreted from the blood and tissue fluids, an out through the kidneys the way it is supposed to happen.

As the hydrogen is bound by the water and removed, the blood and tissue fluids move toward a more alkaline state.

Many types of microbes both good and bad such as bacteria, produce large quantities of D-Lactic Acid and related Acid based by products from their metabolism.

With all that acid accumulating in the blood and body fluids, we need to remove the excess HYDROGEN atoms which are keeping your bodies pH in a locked acid state. The end result of this excess hydrogen removal is to move your body in a more alkaline direction.

My ReeSet pH & Terrain Balancer Water is in the form of a Concentrate.

When ReeSet Terrain pH Balancer is added to your correct and proper type of drinking water, the water’s chemical makeup actually becomes wetter in a manner of speaking, and balanced.

Here is a simple explanation of pH.

The pH explanation is based on the amount of hydrogen ions available in a solution.

So what is a hydrogen ion ?

First of all, pH is a measurement related to an a solution in water.

Water molecules are in continuous motion. When two water molecules bump into each other, a hydrogen and hydroxide ion are built. This process in which water itself splits into hydrogen and hydroxide ions is called self ionization. This is water the Ionizing water filter attempt to create, more on this later.

All substances are made up of microscopic particles called atoms. These atoms form small clusters called molecules. In water for example, each molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

This is how they balance each other out, which means that under general conditions water consists of both H2O molecules, H+ and OH- ions. Temperature can play an important part in pH measurement especially with pH meters.

Every water solution contains hydrogen & hydroxide ions, either from water by the process of dissociation or from introduced acids and bases.

Hydrogen ions are what determines if a solution is acid, alkaline or neutral.

The below video is here only for purposes of teaching you something that is key to know. It is produced by a water machine company and I in no way requesting that you deal with or specifically use this very expensive water machine at all. This was the least expensive way for me to get important information to you. The video does not have anything in it relating to the water machine. So take some time and use this information to learn. 

Phenomenal Water

Why don’t I recommend Expensive Alkaline Water Making Machines?

 The biggest over all difference is alkaline machines will not REMOVE Hydrogen from the water itself. They just temporarily suspend its ionic status. Relatively soon after this event happens the charge on the water molecule reverts back to its actual bound state, by doing this its just like you dumped more hydrogen back into your system again. This is not what you need to happen. You need the water to stay in a state of hydrogen need. This is done by removing one of the two hydrogen atoms from the water. Water is H2O. Meaning it has two Hydrogen atoms linked to one Oxygen atom.

What you need the water to do when it enters the body is magnetically, so to speak, pick up excess hydrogen and bind it and remove it from your body. This is what make the ReeSet Terrain pH Balancer water so great.

They of course don’t tell you this about the expensive water machines, as no one would buy these expensive machines.  You can use the machines to make expensive short term cleaning water if you want ?

Did you know that if you take distilled water ( which had no minerals present ) and pass it through an alkaline water machine, it won’t produce either acid or alkaline water. Water machines work by forcing electrons onto the minerals that are passing through the electrical plates in the machine.They don’t effect the hydrogen oxygen relationship at all. Yes, for a short time the pH of the water can be forced up or down. But it won’t do what you need to have the water do for and to the excess acids that are in your body.

For those who would like to learn more about the molecular storage aspects of water in an energetic manner……….. Read the book called, “The Hidden Messages In Water”.

Remember pH simply means the percentage of Hydrogen and if all the Hydrogen’s are attached onto a mineral. The water will read that it has a higher (or alkaline) pH. The problem is that the Hydrogen molecule is still there, in all its negative glory waiting to be re-released again, it never ultimately got excreted like it should have.

 They just got locked in a different state for a period of time, and when the electron gives up and let’s goes, everything goes back to abnormal again.

Using this method you do get free electrons from “alkaline water” and a boost of energy. However, you are not removing the Hydrogen from the body. This is what the whole process is about.

The body filled with fat is really a problem of Acidification!

Cellular acidosis is the most common cause of being overweight, besides just eating more calories than you can burn from emotional over eating.

Beside the need for fat in the body to make certain hormones and support various cellular functions of great importance, the fat that is stored in fat cells is also used as a emergency storage container for acid based toxins of all different types.

Things like toxic chemicals from so many sources, heavy metals, un-excretable cellular waste by-products from inefficient metabolism, and toxins from by-products generated from disease causing microorganisms such as D-lactic acid from bacteria like Staphylococcus Aureus.

The end result of all of this on your body is the simple event of auto-intoxication or much like a Rotting and Rusting of the internal organs, glands, nerves, brain, and tissues of all types. This is the destruction of the environmental terrain of the body. Your cells become like a junk yard of toxins eventually leading to degeneration and death from it. It is just a matter of your personal Genetic/Biological resistance to the accumulated toxic load.

It used to be that humans who were fat or very skinny had this because they over ate or under ate. This was mostly and emotional event. Today we are in a social collapse of our society simply because of the toxic loads facing the bodies and the acidification of those bodies.

The body is basically an alkaline functioning mechanism. It needs the terrain to be stable and balanced all day long, 24 hours out of the day. There are some amazing features built in to the body in its ability to determine when to shift from various states of acid or alkaline imbalances.

It is just a matter of the internal terrain sensors measuring the chemistry and issuing order to move chemistry around to deal with it. About 10 decades ago this balancing process went mostly well, and people did not die so much from accumulation of acidification.

So today we are bombarded by all of the things mentioned above, but lets factor in the affects of high daily stress. What is stress? Obvious you say! Maybe you think its just that you are very busy and you don’t have time to sit down and rest.

Yes, that is part of the problem. But lets consider a major one which is over stimulation of the body by unusual types of stessors. Like for instance, a daily dose of the Evening news, or your favorite type not so gentle entertainment on the TV, or with the Video games being played.

How about the fact that your cells now get bombarded second by second 24 hours a day by frequencies foreign to your cells from various devices in the home and outside of the home.

All these factors add up, and depending on who you are as a Genetic individual as well as your age, you will begin to malfunction. You may not even feel the over load for some time.

By the time you do and at the level of problems that it has created regarding degeneration, you will be in deep trouble.

The early warning signs might be happening right now and you may be just avoiding dealing with them. You may even be  currently being treated in some fashion for them, but more likely improperly for the kind of problems that you have.

Symptoms are most often misinterpreted and mismanaged.

One of the biggest signals is Overweight and Underweight. The next biggest signal is fatigue that stays day in and day out. There are other types of wake up signals in descending order, but I have those listed in a few places through my website.

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