ReeSet Discounted Professional Grade Supplements

“NP Script is an online store designed to distribute supplements to patients on behalf of their healthcare practitioners. Client can get the products they need, quickly and easily. “

That is a quote from my practitioner website.

For a long time this site was used exclusively by my patients. Now with new guidelines in place, I can offer you the general public many great products that have in the past been greatly discounted only for my patients.

You will be surprised at the quality and diversity of products available. Several thousand in fact. My discount to you will be 15% off. That is a substantial savings on name brand products. It gets better. Shipping costs are very low. This is also unheard of today. So, if you have a favorite supplement or related kind of product in sundries arena you may be surprised at how much savings you can have. Nothing to lose to look at the site and see.

For those who are unsure of what they need. Or for those who are using products but don’t know if they need them or if they are the ones the body can actually use with out negative impact, you can contact me and I have a long distance program that can help you. The best part is you don’t have to leave you home, office or car to have an appointment. With today’s state of the art instruments and methods you can do things that were not dreamed of before.

Just click this link NP Script

You will need my pass code of : ( ReeSet ) to set up your account easy and fast to do.)

Once you arrive at the site you can browse what is available and set up an account if you wish. The categories available are listed below.