Supplements and Remedies, Friends or Foes?

Supplements and Remedies, Friends or Foes?


The never ending oil controversy.

Supplements and various types of remedies are important to the alternative practitioners compendium of things to do for a person who is not feeling well. But I have found that today’s health concerns must have very specific and correct products, remedies and treatments to be not only helpful but more importantly they should not become part of the bodies total burden.

Nutrients are basically for fortifications of deficiencies. Supplements can fortify, but when they reach maximum saturation, then you need to change amount, frequency of use, or stop for a time. Imagine having just the exact couple of vegetables every day for months or years. The body would tell you it is not happy in some form. Most likely you would think that the message being sent was an unwellness or a lack of feeling well. If misinterpreted then you might try to manage it with some substance or treatment. This is what happens when you use that same multiple vitamin or supplement without checking periodically to see if your body still really needs that one.

The same is said for just general use of various natural remedies.

And in many cases the chronically ill person will be in such a state of immune instability that they can even become sensitive to the best applied substance.

Many people spend way to much on supplements over the course of a year. If your going to take them at least have them checked to you to see if that is what you really need for your wellness progression.

Proper testing in itself is equally important. And beyond the testing the person who is suggesting that you use the substance or method should be well-trained and have many years of experience and education.

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James Reese