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Vanessa E

Jim Reese is the best healer I have ever come into contact with. He is the only person I can honestly recommend to anyone who needs help healing a physical wellness ailment and feel 100% confident about. I also experienced Jim being able to heal me and so many others from unwellness other doctors said were impossible to heal. The best part of working with Jim is that he only prescribes organic foods, the best remedies and supplements and uses methods that personally work with what your body needs to find health again. Here is my story.
I saw Jim 3 years ago when I started having blood in my feces. The doctor said it was ulcerative colitis and the only cure was surgery to remove my colon or steroids. My friend recommended Jim Reese because he had helped her heal from severe intestinal issues that were life threatening through all natural methods. Another friend told me he had helped her heal Asthma she had for 40 years. I saw Jim once every 2 weeks for 12 weeks. He tested me on a machine and could tell what foods and supplements I needed to get into balance. I followed what he told me and was completely healed in 12 weeks and felt better then I had ever felt before. I slept great, had clear thinking, and lots of energy. Everyone commented on how wonderful I looked.
I had another episode after giving birth to my son one year later due to the immense stress I was under and after eating many things my body doesn’t do well with. I called Jim again and he had moved out of state. He said he could still help me long distance with a hair sample because his methods work at a cellular level. Although this is hard to believe I trusted Jim because he has spent his entire life as a scientist learning about wellness at the cellular microbial level that most of us just don’t understand yet. He is very ahead of his time. He healed me again in several weeks and made adjustments to accommodate my needs for nursing my newborn. Now me and my baby were being helped by Jim.
Jim is worth every penny spent. You will save money in the end because he heals the cause of ailments that western medicine will have you paying huge deductibles for surgery’s you don’t need or drugs that do more harm then good. Trust me, his methods work. I feel so grateful to Jim for saving my life and so many others with his lifetime dedication to wellness.
Sue M Sept

I could  speak volumes about the continuing education and healing that occurs for me  while following The Reese Wellness System.     I believe that following it literally saved my life, not to mention makes it a lot more enjoyable because of improved wellness.

Jim started offering long distant appointments when I used to have office appointments with him before he moved.    I was interested, but skeptical.   He kindly  demonstrated his long-distant method of testing during one of my office  appointments so that I could see it in action.     I was pleasantly  surprised!   It worked!  From then on, I made long-distant appointments and received the same excellent care and education as I had with office appointments.    And there is more time for questions and answers too.

I appreciate the convenience of  no longer having to pack up foods or supplements and carry them to an office to have them tested to see if my body will do well with them.      I can just call for a test and put them in my body’s  field at home and get tested.  And if I don’t have the supplement and Jim  does, he can  test the supplement for me using his.       Last winter I became quite ill with a contagious unwellness and was grateful  I didn’t have to get dressed, get in the car and drive to the office.   Another time, I developed an extremely uncomfortable symptom,  called and left a message first thing in the morning.     Jim called back shortly and had me do a specific tapping sequence that takes a few moments.  This calmed the intense symptom down immediately.  Whew, In short,   I love Jim’s long-distant  program because, Jim’s care is just a phone call  away  🙂

Rachel  F., 

“Jim came highly recommended by several of my unwellness friends.  (Yes, birds of a feather do flock together.)  I had tried many things, but nothing had a lasting effect.  So I finally decided to get Jims’ help, and help he did.  Jim patiently, professionally, confidently, (which is important when you’ve all but given up), and with a truly concerned manner helped me peel back the layers of damage that had been done to my poor system.  Some things went away immediately and with little effort, others took time.  However, I very soon knew that I would never have to look for a new nutritionist, (doctor, wellness adviser, unwellness fixer), as he is the best.  He’s in a constant state of learning and improving upon what seems to be the most amazing program ever.  He has shown me that my wellness depends much on the strength and balance, (not expecting too much of myself), that I have in my life.  He is always there to help me improve when I am ready to take the next step or to help me recover from a lapse in judgment.  I did have the privilege of seeing Jim in person, and building my confidence in him, and his methods.  When I heard that he was moving I was truly devastated, even though I had made it to maintenance and was taking a break from seeing him.  I knew that I would again need him and worried about how I would get help.  When I heard about the LONG DISTANCE TESTING I was very skeptical.  But I figured that I trusted him personally and his methods, so I would give this long distance testing a try.  I LOVE IT.  I called him one day when I was completely drained of energy, felt like I had the flu, and could have stayed in bed all day – which is unusual because my mind is usually racing with things to do, yet this day the brain was mush. The day before I felt great, had a ton of energy and strength, and got a lot done.  Via the long distance testing he figured out the problem and fixed it.  Within about 15 minutes I felt better, (like I could think), within an hour or two I had gotten some strength and energy back, and by the next day I was back to vitality.  On several occasions this has happened and the results have always been the same, -he figures it out and fixes it.. no problem.

THE WHOLE STORY  – At 14 I was having such pain from my period that I would crawl from the bathroom to the bed for a day or so.  I would go to stand up or walk for that matter and I would have this horrific tearing pain in my abdomen.  It was not all the time so when it did happen, randomly, I would collapse in half and startle whoever was around.  I would always tell them I was fine and try to pretend it was normal.  When I finally agreed to go to the doctor he said that my ovaries were about ten times the size they should be. He said that I had ovarian cysts and that the sharp pains were likely from them popping. At that point the doctor put me on birth control, and told me to start taking 2 Tylenol and 2 hours later 3 ibuprofen 2 days before I expected to start my period.  I did this from ages 14 to 18 and it helped a little, but I continued to get worse.  So I was encouraged to eat pain pills all month long, every day.  I had gotten to the point that nothing was helping, and I was in constant pain. At 19 the doctors eventually diagnosed me with endometriosis and recommended either forcing my body into a pseudo menopausal state or laparoscopy, in the mean time they wrote me a prescription for morphine.  MORPHINE & MENOPAUSE at 19 – I was frustrated.  I had no idea what to do, but these options didn’t seem like good ones.  So I started down a better path, a wellness path.  I soon found that wellness eating was a great solution and my constant unforgiving pain subsided a bit.  From 19 to 28 I tried many different nutritionists and wellness schools of thought.  All of them helped a little or for a little while.  Yet I was still ultimately getting worse, the amount of blood lost during the three worst days of my period shocked most women, and my cycle was continually getting longer.  By the time I started seeing Jim I only had about 5 to 7 days of the month that I wasn’t bleeding.  For three days I was completely incapacitated from pain, blood loss, and weakness.  I was continually having problems with my bladder, kidneys, and bowels.  I peed all day, pooped rarely, and my kidneys ached constantly.  I used to see a chiropractor regularly because my neck and back were always an achy tense mess.  I got nosebleeds almost daily and sometimes several, just from touching my nose accidentally.  Sometimes I would get a bad one and have to stand over the toilet for 15 to 45 minutes waiting for it to stop. (No, pinching my nose was not a good idea because then the blood would come out of my eye, which is much worse.)  I was so tired all the time that if I didn’t keep moving I would fall asleep.  I was a total stress case. I woke up in the morning feeling anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  I obsessively and compulsively cleaned my house even though I was in pain and had no energy because if I didn’t, the anxiety I felt from having ANYTHING out of place or dirty made me crazy.  I have had problems sleeping since I was a baby and the stress thing didn’t help.  Amazingly enough the list could go on, but I won’t. At the time, if you would have asked me about my wellness I would have said I had a few period problems, but otherwise I was ok.  There was no way I could handle talking about all of the problems I had, emotionally.  It was a coping mechanism to ignore as much as I could, which meant to a large extent I didn’t even realize how bad it was.  As problems have disappeared I can actually tell people the truth.

NOW –  I haven’t had a problem with nosebleeds since my first appointment.  My bladder, kidneys, and bowels all function so normally that I don’t even really think about them.  I can now control my stressing, and the OCD cleaning.  I SLEEP and it is wonderful.  I have about two weeks of energy, strength, and stamina; the next week I slow down a bit, but not much.  Now for my period, I bleed what I think is probably a normal amount and for about 5-7 days. (Sometimes if I don’t take care of myself correctly, I may spot for a few days.)  The pain is almost completely gone, just a little achy for a day, but totally manageable.  Even though this progress is AWESOME Jim still says that I can improve, so I’ll keep going. I love horseback riding, motorcycle riding, snowboarding, wake-boarding and hiking into high mountain lakes.  Basically I have a life now, but without Jim and his program I would still be miserable.  Thank you, Jim.”

Kathy C.,

“Jim Reese saved my life. 

I am forever grateful that I was guided to Jim when nobody else in western, eastern, or alternative philosophies was able to help me.  I would not be here today without his ongoing kindness, expert knowledge, innate wisdom, all-natural solutions for any problem, and incredible patience.

His program works, even doing it long distance, which is amazing.  I highly recommend Jim to anyone suffering from unwellness, disease, or simply not feeling “right.”  Jim’s extensive research and experience in healing will astound you, and the more you work with him, the better you get.” 

Kate L., 

“I started working with Jim Reese when he worked near where I live and had many in-person appointments with him. When I heard that he was moving and beginning long distance appointments, I was very concerned that it would not be possible to receive the kind of care that I was used to and still needing that care to recover my wellness. I found it hard to comprehend how it would be done and how it could possibly match the kind of care I was used to. Now that we have been doing the long distance work for more than a year, I am amazed and grateful that Jim has created a system that allows him to uncover what it is my body needs from afar. My progress continues to astound me and those who know me and the struggle of my journey.

We continue to repair the damage to my system including a seizure disorder that has persisted for many years. This is being accomplished long distance.

I miss our in-person connection, but the distance and change in procedure has not in any way negatively impacted my continued healing. I trust Jim would never offer this system of working with people if he was not completely sure that it was equally effective. His commitment to his clients and the integrity of his work is profound, and I am thankful that I continue to benefit across the miles.”

Greg M., 

“When I was twelve years old I was struck with an infection that compromised my immune system, restricted my circulation, and I began on a path of chronic unwellness.  I was no longer comfortable in my own body.  By the time I was in my early twenties, I had a thick medical file.  With all good intentions and care, conventional medicine could not find anything wrong with me.  I exercised regularly, ate organic food, and tried to stay in balance.  When I turned thirty, my thyroid went supernova, or hyperthyroid.  I know this was a result of my ongoing underlying conditions.  I had surgery to remove part of my thyroid.  In my forties I was greatly helped by two individuals – one practicing classical homeopathy, and another incorporating homeopathy with bio-energetic type equipment.

I still suffered, though.  I often experienced cold extremities, I easily got sick, and if I got a cut, it took a long time to heal.  Due to my system imbalance, I have struggled with gum disease and bone loss in my hand.  My clarity of thought was inconsistent, as was my energy level.  I had gotten a severe nasal infection at one point, and was prone to reinfection.

 I also started noticing some blurred vision in one of my eyes.

It was at this point that I started seeing Jim Reese.  I felt improvement within the first two weeks, and I just kept feeling better and better. After experiencing his many methods of healing, I feel like this is how medicine should be practiced.  He has equipment that allows him to tailor remedies and supplements that are appropriate for each patient.  His knowledge base is incredible, and he continually incorporates new approaches, new equipment, and new regimens into his practice.  My wellness history is deep, so recovery has taken some time.  Real healing does take time.  Jim has been there with me every step of the way, and the results I have received are far beyond what I would ever have expected… and I have that to thank him for every day.”

 Paula G.,

“When I was 22 my husband and I had a beautiful little boy.  We named him Joshua.  I wanted to be the perfect Mom with the perfect wellness baby.  Therefore, it was very frustrating to see that he had inherited many of my wellness issues. He had severe colic as a baby.  As he grew, he developed chronic ear infections.  He had to have tubes put in his ear three times.  It was horrible to see my little boy undergoing these operations.  He also developed a severe case of eczema.  I tried everything I could think of to relieve it naturally, but he would scratch his skin raw.  I finally resorted to a cortisone cream, as I hated to see him so miserable.  The cream helped, but I knew it wasn’t good for him to use. I continued to try different things with his diet, but nothing worked.

As Josh grew older, he learned to live with his skin condition, knowing as well a I did that the cortisone cream wasn’t good for him.  Josh had also grown up seeing me try many different therapies for my wellness ailments. So when I started seeing Jim Reese and following his diet and reading everything Jim had written at the time, Josh was interested, too.  At times I would read aloud to him what I was reading from Jim.  I would also share with Josh what I was experiencing in regard to my wellness and how I felt it was really helping.

I was so happy when Josh decided to see Jim Reese.  He made the appointment, and even before he saw him, Josh decided to follow the same eating program as me, and to stop using his cortisone cream.  His skin got horrible!  He had his appointment with Jim, and started cleaning out his system naturally.  Everything seemed to want to clean out through Josh’s skin.  He literally broke out with eczema from head to toe.  He was miserable, and looked awful.  However, Josh was such a trooper, and was determined not to use the cream.  It took several months, but little by little Josh’s skin did clear up and he looked wellness!  Everyone that knew him was amazed at how his wellness and skin had improved.  Josh was finally free from using the cortisone cream.

From the time I was born, I was subject to many wellness issues, including asthma and allergies.  I was raised to treat wellness issues naturally, and tried various alternative methods such as iridology, chiropractic, reflexology, diet, and acupuncture.  I am sure they helped to a degree, but my condition progressed further to other wellness issues, such as chronic fatigue.  I was in my 30’s and struggling to have the energy that I should have had at that age.  It was extremely frustrating, but thank goodness I am not one to give up.

In my 40’s I was receiving method from an acupuncturist who was recommended to me.  She was able to help to a degree, but was not able to get to the underlying problem.  I am so grateful that she was able to recognize this, and directed me to Jim Reese.  I have to admit, at first I was reluctant, because she told me about the strict eating program.  (She was seeing Jim Reese herself at the time for wellness issues.)  However, it didn’t take me long to decide that I was so tired of feeling the way I was, and called to make an appointment.

I was amazed during my first appointment with Jim, because I could see the evidence myself from what he was doing that I was in a weakened state.  My wellness was a mess, and my chronic fatigue was not in my head.  There was a reason why I couldn’t even put wood in the wood stove without feeling wiped out!  I followed the eating program religiously, made it to all my appointments, and read everything on the subject I could find.  I was very hopeful that this time it would be a success.

I am happy to say it was!  I can’t express how grateful I am for that.  It is so nice to finally have a full life, one I was unable to experience when I was younger.  At 51 now I feel I have many good years ahead of me.  I definitely recommend Jim to anyone who is in trouble with their wellness.”

Ian R., Acupuncturist

“I enjoyed excellent wellness until I was twenty when I contracted a very severe bout of amoebic dysentery while traveling in India.  I was never able to fully recover my wellness.  As I got older, my symptoms gradually got more pronounced, and for about fifteen years my life was severely restricted.

Over the years I saw a lot of different practitioners, and while I would get some relief from various types of method, nothing helped for very long. A friend who had also been very ill in India recommended I see Jim, and when I started with the ReeSet protocol my wellness really began to improve in a permanent way.

After a couple of months I found the diet very challenging, but gradually I have come to enjoy having a simpler diet and rarely feel tempted to eat other foods.

For the last year my wellness has been very good and I attribute this to Jim’s excellent method.”

Case Report for Ian R.
He presented for his first visit with the following complaints:  Chronic fatigue, low grade headache, metal taste in mouth, aching legs, feet, and ankles, numbness, hot sensations in head, nausea, difficulty in concentration. He experienced general overall weakness as well. Testing eventually showed that he had many microorganisms, heavy metals, pH issues, amino acid deficiencies, and also had Methylation Cycle Block. There were many body systems that had strong imbalances in them. It took a lot of the ReeSet Tap and Touch protocol work to support the breakdown in the various systems. It took quite some time to isolate the issues in priority for methods. Each aspect was historically very entrenched.

Case Report for Kier H.   Age  39   

She presented with the following signs and symptoms:

Wakes for urination, rashes, frequent hunger, intestinal cramps, bloating, gas, reports she has close contact with pets, loss of libido, joint pains, feet and hands tingle or numb, muscle and ligament pains, irritability, anxiety, thyroid problems, difficulty making decisions, Candidiasis, breath odor, head tingle.

Tested positive for Lyme Disease, Reports Sensitivity to Electromagnetic fields, Uses cell phone daily, Uses computer daily.

She craves sweets, drinks caffeine products, has root canals, has amalgam fillings, history of vaccinations, history of antibiotics, exposure to herbicides and pesticides through work history.

Excellent results in a few short months.


Case Report for Jack  C.  Age 5 

The mother reported the following signs and symptoms:

Intense emotions, several varieties of allergies, has close contact with pets, eats pork products, goes bare foot outside, bathes in standard tap water, has irritability, restlessness, exaggerated response to stimuli, emotional instability, lack of self-control, mood swings, muscle weakness and tone, sensitive to light, has history of vaccinations, has history of antibiotic use, had eye surgery, home history of new carpets, paints, etc., and mother reports that he was born with poor motor skills and had delayed speech.

After several months of work the child improved quite dramatically. Within approximately six months was well. Mother brought him back for a check up in February 2011, and it showed a microbial event in place again. We worked on this for approximately two months and he was well again.


Case Report for Gregg  C.   Age 49 

He presented with the following signs and symptoms:

Wakes for urination, itchy rashes, always hungry, tooth and gum problems, stomach pains and pressure, chronic fatigue, reports eating sushi and pork, loss of libido, overweight, feels lousy most of the time, has irritability, loss of confidence, can’t concentrate, mood swings, depression.

Went on the maintenance program within five months of the start.  Reports doing well and continuing to do so.


Case Report for Mary  K. Age 58 

The patient presented with the following signs and symptoms:

Liver pain and swelling, severe lack of detox capabilities from heavy metals, lead , mercury, and chemicals, body numbness, high frequency vibrations in head. This patient worked overseas in China at an industrial complex. She also had head ringing, sinus infections, brain fog, burning sensation in the head, hot flashes, right kidney pains, lung congestion,fatigue.

By the end of the year she was reporting feeling much better. Still need for some continued work, but she had energy back, mental clarity ,and all of the acute severe symptoms had diminished.

  By that time her overall wellness had gotten to a point where she could function normally in life again.


Case Report for Paul  J.   Age 55 

He presented with an unusual case of specific symptoms:

(This is a word for word report of what is written down in his words on the new client intake section.)

“I do not feel that I have robust wellness. I often wake up feeling tired. My vital force seems low and my sex drive is low as well. I have chronically low testosterone levels, and take Androgel. I crave sugar, and am always a bit overweight. I have  had an inflammation of my epididymis for many years. I also have had lower back pain that sends referral pain to my groin and exacerbates the discomfort of my epididymis. I went to the head urologist at (major hospital , whose only recommendation was to remove my right testicle. He said it would remain painful.”

In March  Paul was pain-free and feeling better than he had in some time.


From Spencer Sherman, Long Term client…

“I started seeing Dr. Reese many years ago for fatigue and skin issues (psoriasis).  Previously, I had seen some of the best mainstream and alternative wellness practitioners in the Bay area, and never has the level of success of I have had with Dr. Reese. 

My energy level is higher at age 50 than it was at age 43 and my skin is significantly improved.  If you are willing to shift your lifestyle and follow his recommendations, Dr. Reese is amazing .  His broad and profound knowledge of the body and his wisdom have been so helpful to me with the wide variety of chronic and acute wellness issues, unwellnesses and injuries for which I have sought his counsel. 

When he moved from California to West Virginia, I didn’t hesitate to continue consulting with him.  He is as effective long distance as he was when I saw him in his office.

He has my highest level of recommendation.”


Mrs. Adria C.

“When I found James Reese I was desperate to help my two year old daughter. She was suffering from an extreme rash over most of her body- the most inflamed area being the tops of her feet, which were often bloody because she could not stop scratching them. She was constantly exhausted, in part from waking all through the night to scratch her itching body, but also because she was simply not well. She would hardly eat anything, and would often break out in hives from simply making skin contact with a food. She was also extremely sensitive and clingy. I simply could not put her down. She was terrified of most people; merely going to the grocery store was a traumatic experience for her.

I was absolutely desperate to help her. For close to a year I took her to every sort of wellness care practitioner there is. I put her on a dozen different diets and spent a ridiculous amount of money on supplements. I was constantly looking for something to help her, as her unwellness consumed my entire life. Nothing ever helped though. In fact, her symptoms were getting worse. I felt so lost. There is truly nothing more painful than watching your child suffer and not be able to help her.

But then I found James Reese. I remember so clearly the day that I called to schedule her first appointment with him. I told my daughter’s story to his receptionist who, with the utmost certainty, told me that his office would be the last place I would ever have to take her. How I clung to those words! They were a lifeline, a ray of hope. And best of all, she was right.

 After our first appointment I took here home and she slept for 2 1/2 hours straight, a miracle in and of itself. I was diligent about following the program and she quickly started to improve. First the rash from her body cleared, leaving only her feet. She started smiling more, was happier to be in the world. She began eating a wider variety of foods. I’ll never forget how happy she was eating her first egg- a food she would never even touch let alone swallow! She couldn’t get enough. Finally her feet cleared up and she has been a rash free, happy little girl now for months.

There are no words to express my appreciation and gratitude for James Reese. He saved my little girl from a life of suffering and misery, of this I am certain. I have referred friends and family to him without the slightest hesitation. Whatever is troubling you, there is no doubt that he can help to fix it. No one that has had an appointment with him has failed to be amazed at the depth of his intelligence and the extent of his knowledge.”