The Great Natural Food Hoax

The Great Natural Food Hoax

Vegetable juice and different vegetables close-up isolated on white

Vegetable juice and different vegetables close-up isolated on white

What I mean by The Great Natural Food Hoax, is that the industry, and it is now a multi-billion dollar industry, is nowhere near what it started out to be.

I am witnessing the same thing happening to the Health food, Natural Food producers and retailers that happened back in the 1950’s with the mom and pop corner stores.

When the corporations began to develop and own the food industry they found very quickly that people could be made to purchase the foods they wanted them to buy.

So, besides the psychological advertising ploys they used that is now called Branding, they also used chemical additives that created addictions. What I mean by this is before the chemical food industry really got on its feet and started using synthetic chemicals to make the foods taste a specific way to the palate so that eventually the central nervous system would crave them, they used, SUGAR, SALT and SPICES as these are in themselves very addicting..

If you put enough of those three in just about any food source you can make it taste good, and the body will develop a clear and definite addiction to it when used over a period of time.

And this was done for many years up until the late 60’s when people began to catch on to what was being done to them. Groups of consumer advocates came along and blew the whistle so to speak.

They started telling people that the SUGAR ,SALT, and certain SPICES were in fact injurious to the human body in the amounts and types used.

So the industry seeing that public opinion was showing up in the choices of foods they purchased, they got smart and started to reduce the salt, sugar and certain spices and advertised they were doing this. Yet is was a pitiful attempt to do it. But for some they the sales reorganizations and either could not believe that anyone would do that kind of thing intentionally or were so addicted that they could or would not stop.

At about that same time the Hippies ( riding on the coat tails of the Health Nuts of the time, which ultimately became a good action for today’s stores) came in to being and wanted the return to the so-called Natural Life and they did not want the food they ate to be filled with chemical,sugars and other agents that were not “Healthy”.

This is a quick time line here as this really took about a decade to happen.

But the end result was the beginning of the Health Food Store era. They were owned by those who really believed that food should be food as it was meant to be in nature and they cared in a very personal way. What they put on the store shelf was good food. Organic food, and from the farm or small producers of good packaged foods.

The health food packaged industry was also mom and pop. And they cared as well. They made it for themselves and their families.

The end result from all of this was, that more and more people broke away from the regular junk food corporations of the food industry and soon the Natural food and, Health food era was in full swing.

But in only 20 years the small and very successful mom and pop stores and manufacturing were eventually bought up by big corporations. Little business was forced to sell or die on the corner as the big box corporate health food stores came in to being.

The new corporate health food industry developed a campaign that looked the part of the early grass-roots health food stores, but in actuality they began the same food additive game that the corporate industry of foods did back in the 1950’s. Although they were not adding chemicals to the foods to get them to sell they were using palate addictions as a way to get people to keep buying packaged foods.

The average corporate “Natural Food Store” is now owned by multi-national corporations.

Now we have all the SUGAR, SALT and SPICESÂ back and they are being sold as if this is the way it has always been. And a lot of the people shopping in those stores think they are doing themselves good by eating right. Who needs sugar in your green beans or high salt as an example. Now anything they can put the stuff into they do. And the sweeteners used are in every name you can think of. They will extract any carbohydrate out of any food source to find a new sweetener to sell to you as good. Most people don’t even realize how much salt they get into their bodies daily. Many times more than the cells in your body could use. The same with the hidden fats. No one looks at the serving size and multiplies out the numbers of sugars , salts and fats to see how much they are eating in a day. They are even using by-products from the processing of natural foods that before were thrown away, and putting a great advertising spin on it and selling it as the next great health food.

The health food industry is lying to you just like the regular food industry. They are nearly one in the same. They want you dollar and don’t much care if you get sick.

Only the “produce” is close to the original concepts of the Health Food Store of the last 35 years. Nearly everything thing else in the natural food store is about the same as what is in the regular store, except it may have the difference of being organic. Oh Yeah and the price is ten times higher.

I love the fact that the corporate health food store is available, because I have the knowledge to shop at the corporate natural food stores and get the few things that are still better than any other regular store can provide. But not many have my knowledge on the subject. And as I side note before I got into the medical arena I built and owned my own real Health Food Store and Restaurant. So I know about which I speak.

I tried to keep to the point and not get caught up in too much detail. It would be easy to write a book on the Demise Of The Natural Food Store. But few would read it or care.

In reality those who shop at the big box corporate natural food stores know that high sugars, salts, fats are not good for them. But it is in the so- health food store so they can by-pass the critical thinking and stay in denial that all that they get from there is great for them and they are doing good.