11829169 - industrial power plant with smokestack

11829169 – industrial power plant with smokestack

Is this a brand new subject?

Not in any sense of the word. This one subject could fill the library of congress alone, simply by what is available on the internet and in books ! This must span at least 40 plus years of cries from the public and statements from the Environmental Protections Agency.

So why then write about it again here today August 15th 2016?

There has been a new news release that really mimics all of the many past news releases that have been published over the decades with this title:

Detection of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in U.S. Drinking Water Linked to Industrial Sites, Military Fire Training Areas, and Wastewater Treatment Plants

The chemicals that are known as “PFASs” for “Polyfluoroalkyl and Perfluoroalkyl” substances are used in products ranging from food wrappers to clothing to nonstick cookware to fire-fighting foams.

They have been linked with an increased risk of kidney and testicular cancers, hormone disruption, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Tо assess hоw mаnу people mау bе exposed tо PFASs іn drinking water supplies, researchers looked аt concentrations оf ѕіx types оf thеѕе chemicals іn mоrе thаn 36,000 water samples collected nationwide bу thе U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) frоm 2013-2015.

Thеу аlѕо looked аt industrial sites thаt manufacture оr uѕе PFASs, military training sites аnd civilian airports whеrе fire-fighting foam соntаіnіng PFASs іѕ used; аnd аt wastewater treatment plants.

Discharges frоm thеѕе plants—which аrе unable tо remove PFASs frоm wastewater bу standard treatment methods—could contaminate groundwater, researchers note іn thе journal Environmental Science аnd Technology Letters. Sо соuld thе sludge thаt thе plants generate аnd whісh іѕ frequently uѕеd аѕ fertilizer.

Thе study fоund thаt PFASs wеrе detectable аt thе minimum reporting levels required bу thе EPA іn 194 оut оf 4,864 water supplies іn 33 states асrоѕѕ thе U.S.

Drinking water frоm 13 states accounted fоr 75 percent оf thе unsafe supply, led bу California, Nеw Jersey, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nеw York, Georgia, Minnesota, Arizona, Massachusetts, аnd Illinois.

This is just another example of tons and tons of these noxious chemicals still being spued into our water supples that nothing is being done about? This has been going on now for over four decades, is this a case of the Fox Minding the Hen House, regarding our so called protection agencies?

While it is very clear that these things are in water and not just a few spots as the research above state either, we need to very vigilant about the foods we eat today as well.

So many people just throw up there hands and say its everywhere and I can’t do a thing about it so why try.

You can fight back by simply not participating. This is more common amongst people today than you would think. Even if you can’t stop the big CHEMICAL CORPORATIONS from doing what they do. You can protect yourself and you families by just not using or consuming the chemicals.

Filter you water with a effective system. Buy food that is organic and has no GMO’s as well. Try to not bring toxins into your home by what you purchase either.

Here it is again folks some more LIP SERVICE from the corporate financial machines working within the system. You can look back over the last 40 years and see these same headlines again although instead of the internet they were headlines in the major news system of TV, Newspapers and magazines.

Take a look at this front page Google:

Senate Approves Update of Toxic-Chemical Regulations – The New ……/senate-approves-update-of-toxicchemi

The New York Times

Jun 7, 2016 – He worked with the American Chemistry Council to come up with language … Deal to Expand Regulation of Toxic Chemicals MAY 19, 2016 ……/toxic-substances-chemicals-environme…

The New York Times

May 19, 2016 – Lawmakers Reach Deal to Expand Regulation of Toxic Chemicals. By CORAL DAVENPORT and EMMARIE HUETTEMAN MAY 19, 2016 … 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act is outdated and riddled with gaps that leave Americans exposed to harmful chemicals. … Order Reprints| Today’s Paper|Subscribe.

Obama signs into law new EPA power over toxic chemicals ……/2016/…/obama-sign-law-new-e…

The Washington Times

Jun 22, 2016 – … Crossword Puzzle · Quizzes · Tyndale Today · Power of Prayer · Democratic Republic of … Obama signs into law new EPA power over toxic chemicals … at the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, Monday, June 20, 2016. … “Here in America, folks should have the confidence to know the laundry ……of…/2016/…/obamatoxic/

The Washington Post

Jun 22, 2016 – It updates the Toxic Substances Control Act, which had not been … Americans are exposed to hundreds of chemicals from household items.”.

Chemical Policy (TSCA) | EWG › Key Issues

Environmental Working Group

Jul 20, 2016 – We need real toxic chemical reform that ensures protection of public health, especially to our … ahead of expected passage today by the House on H.R.3576, the TSCA Modernization Act of 2016. … EWG released inventory today. … New TSCA Bill Falls Short of Protecting Americans From Toxic Chemicals.…/2016/…/new-tsca-bill-falls-short-prot…

Environmental Working Group

While the new version of the Toxic Substance Control Act, or TSCA, that is likely … protecting Americans from exposure to hazardous chemicals. … Tuesday, May 24, 2016 … The compromise bill to be voted on today by the House would …

America is on the cusp of the biggest fight against toxic chemicals in ……/battle_lines_are_drawn_in_one_of_the_biggest_fights..


Feb 19, 2016 – 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the Toxic Substances Control Act. But there … Every year, around 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released by American industries. … Today, the Flint water crisis unfolds in Michigan.

Updated: United States adopts major chemical safety overhaul – Science…/2016/…/united-states-adopts-major-chemical-safety-o..


Jun 8, 2016 – 8, 2016 , 10:30 AM … The measure aims to make chemical safety reviews more science-based, and … families and communities from toxic chemicals,” said Representative Frank Pallone Jr. (D–NJ), top …. Subscribe Today.

So where does all of the above data take us? Is this just going to be another snooze piece of information for you? Maybe so, but what if today you just took one step and got a good water filter system to use for you whole house water or if you don’t own you home just a point of use system for the kitchen and maybe some shower filters. Click here for some options for this.

I have for myself and my wife been using whole house water filtration for decades now. We also eat only organic and we don’t bring toxic chemical into the home. This took some to migrate into about a year for us but now all these years later it is paying us back in many ways. Health benefits and financial.

There are enough things that you can do for yourself in this area that the cost saving from doing everything wrong to now doing them right can pay for the costs of all the good stuff you need to pay higher for.

Here are some more resource’s for you regarding Holistic Preventative Health Care. Click here for some great articles and books all for free.

I hope this has helped in some way to give you more desire to keep yourself and family well by just learning about the problems and having some ways of fixing them.