Here is a simple video that says the basics of the problems with chemicals in our clothing.It will give you a look at what I am referring to and writing about.

One of the many types of chemicals that people are getting sick from are those coming from the Clothing Industry.

Today most of our clothing is being made outside of the USA. This by the way is helping to effectively kill our economy. If that was not enough, adding insult to injury the chemicals that were outlawed here in the USA are being sold to the countries making our clothing and the chemicals are coming back to us indirectly. This is true with so many things being made outside of the USA.

I am seeing the effect of  this clinically on more and more people over the last few years. Chemical caused unwellnesses are on the rise.

For both women, men and children the clothing that is being worn close to the skin like Bra’s and underwear are very bad. But any clothing that comes in direct contact with the skin is going to create harm if it is toxic enough.

You may not feel it immediately but as it accumulates over time it will create symptoms, I can guarantee you this source of cause will be over looked by the family doctor as the cause or at least part of the cause of why you are not feeling well.

Organic clothing is beginning to be more available and especially so for children. I guess the manufacturers think the kids are the only ones who can get hurt, this is not the case.

With some types of clothing, if it does not smell when you get it you may be able to wash some of it out. You can try using Vinegar at one wash and Baking Soda at another. If after two washes you can still smell something then you should not wear it.

It is possible take a person who is in trouble from chemicals and very sensitive and make them  better again. It does take some work on both part to do this and some time but it is very effective when done right.

You can purchase clothing that is totally or mostly non-toxic. 

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If your clothing has and odor to it at all, then you should have them checked by me to see how your body feels about the effects. Chemicals are fat cell accumulated and over time can cause the cells to mutate and create many different types of problems.

Don’ wait until you are unwell to do something about it.