How to use supplements, herbs and remedies safely. Stop Guessing!

 How to use supplements, herbs and remedies safely. Stop Guessing! 

Natural and holistic type products can be your best friend and your worst enemy, unless you know what to do with them. They can turn out to just be an expensive by product that your body removes with no benefits to you, or minimal at best. In some cases they can work against you and in others circumstances when not used correctly they can cause problems.

If you are reading this then you must have some basic concerns about using or not using Supplements, Herbs and Remedies of all types.

Today many people take these natural health assistant products everyday as self prescribed, or suggested by a health food store employee, or by a health care practitioner. 99% of the time these are general best guesses or a lets try this to see if it will help method. While this can be effective with certain levels of expertise in a health care practice it is most often not the right thing or group of things that your body wants. Some use Kinesiology or use a pendulum to try to get the right things to use. Again this can work for some as well, especially if they have some expertise in the field.

But in the end these can end up being a problem over time as your body can change in a few hours to a few days to a few weeks and need others or you may need to eliminate some completely. The body uses these things are tools to support functions at a biological level as well as an energetic level.

Are they compatable to you and equally so effective?

It is very key to the situation to have the things used be both “Compatible” and “Effective” ( determined by correct testing ) to you in order to be of value to you. If you miss one or the other of these values you may not be getting benefit from them or they may actually be impeding your efforts substantially.

Lets face it the cost of these products are not cheap. If you are taking the cheap ones then you are doing even more harm. The cost of the practitioners visits added in can add up to a large expense monthly. So you should not be getting the lets try these and see if they work process. This is, just stupid.

Guestimation health care is nearly all there is out there. It has been the status quo for centuries regarding health care by any stretch of the imagination. Every year more people are hurt by health care methods than are helped. So much damage is done by the guess methods. If you think that a blood test or urine test or tissue test tell the practitioner all there is to know, guess again. In the end they are using a average value system and a by the book choice that is in vogue at the moment.  No matter how sophisticated the process becomes you are basically gambling with your health. For a practitioner to be able to guess what you should do and be right even 50% of the time takes decades of time in practice to be remotely effective.

Education is really great to get you into practice. The training and the internships help immensely. But in the end it still takes clinical wisdom and superior testing and techniques to be effective for you.

You will be told that when you are using the natural and organic products that they are safe to use. This is a basic truth in comparison to the pharmaceutical drugs for sure. The drugs are going in to you as a toxin. That’s just the way it is with them. Very few main stream natural and organic products have that are an up front concern. But when the natural products from any source are given for you wellness care, they need to not create disturbance to the bodes biologics or energetics. Your body is already trying to re-establish is primitive stability. Even wrong choices in the foods you use can be a detriment to the wellness repair process. Foods have energetic and biological impact just as much.

Why do you need to know this?

So why I am trying to talk to you about this is that we have a great things here with all of the supplements and herbs and remedies and what many don’t know is that they are being looked at by many people who do not support the use of them to you the public. They do this because they don’t like the fact that they can an do work better than drugs. They also would like to be able to make them only available by prescription. They are now and have been trying to make this happen for many years.

This is why I am such an advocate of proper training and education to those who use these product for people wellness. If you are healthy as a horse so to speak then you will be most likely fine if you choose and pick with things to take. But if not then you need to have guidance and correct testing to help you with what would be the best for supporting you bodies regeneration and wellness.

We all want to have the best we can to keep us well. At least that is the case with the so called Health Foodists. So this information below will give you some things to think about and to consider before you make a quick and uneducated choice with natural products.

First up is the Herbs category

Herbal products are the perfect choice for individuals who want to avoid using expensive synthetic medical products and their documented side-effects. It’s true that synthetic medicines are carefully formulated for maximum method, but we can never deny that there might be certain reactions on our bodies when take them in.

The Safe Alternative Solution To Health Problems

Being an affordable natural wellness solution, herbal products can be seen in large quantities being sold in the market and quite a lot of consumers today are opting for this method than those normally prescribed by medical practitioners. Doctors and other medical specialist today are even prescribing the use of alternative herbal medicines for a speedy recovery and boosting a person’s immune system for a permanent wellness improvement.

These products make use of 100% natural ingredients and none of the components used in synthetic medications distributed today. But despite the safety that herbal medicines promises to everyone, it is quite possible to incur some problems with it if we’re not careful.

Safety First — Get The Right Product For Your Health Problem

Don’t just buy any herbal product in the market without properly consulting a professional whether it would work for you or not. Also, we can never be too sure how the herbal ingredients would react in our body’s composition so its best to let your doctor or any medical practitioner check you out first to avoid allergic reactions from happening in your system.

Always be honest during the consultation with your wellness care practitioner for them to arrive at an accurate diagnosis whether the herbal product is the one for you or not.

Check The Company That Made The Herbal Product

Even if you have a name of the herbal product to use, it would be best to take matters into your own hands and do your research well to avoid complications during use. You can look for information about the herbal medicine on the Web, specifically about the company that created it and consumers who used it to address their wellness problems.

While you’re at it, you might want to check out the ingredients used in the herbal product, as well as the proper formulation to ensure that you won’t suffer from overdose when you take it in. You can also search for consumer comments and suggestions about the herbal medicine to determine whether it’s safe for you to use or not.

Follow The Proper Dosage

Many would think that herbal products are 100% safe to use and would often take more than the prescribed dosage in order to speed up the effects. This is a misconception that often leads to more complications than getting rid of your wellness problem. Before using your herbal product, it is very important to read the label for the correct dosage. You can also ask your doctor for some advice if you don’t trust the indications on the herbal product.

As with the old medical adage, following the right process of healing will result to a speedy recovery; and making up your own prescription and instruction would only bring around disastrous results. Just follow the prescription and instructions in taking in your alternative herbal medicine to get the best method for your declining wellness. In every case the first thing to have and be sure of is the herb organic? If not don’t use it!

Next up is Supplements

First let me say don’t use Isolate Supplements without knowing what your doing with them. And don’t let someone just give them to you who has not tested them to you and correctly. The reason for this is that they are often times more synthetic and will be more potent as well. Nature makes foods so that the companion elements are bound into the whole of the food. This is kind of like the multiple vitamin theory. Plants have a very complex mix of trace amount of things and macro amounts of biological elements. They are used by the body most effectively in this state. They are easy to break down and assimilate, ( for the most part, depending on individual compositional requirements and capabilities) this takes the stress out of the use of them by your body. You are unique to the use of biological compounds and you require the same basic things to be alive as the plants do.

So when you start to tear this unity apart you end up with fractionated impact on your cells. This creates stress on them to use these elements no matter how well they are manufactured this is still the case.

So in most cases, less is more when it comes to using Supplemental’s in your diet. The more rounded the product is in its substance content the better it will be excepted by your body. The more the products you use are “Compatible” and “Effective” for you the more your body will be able to use it as a benefit.

When you can always choose a company that has been around for several years and be sure that you choose a capsule over a tablet in most cases. This speaks to the binders and agents used to make the product into something you can take easily.

Also when possible, ( and this can also become a problem choose an organic resourced product first ) make sure that the product is not synthetic and cheap. They try to tell you that they are the same but this is just not the case. This is another topic for another time. But trust me in most cases you get what you pay for.

Don’t get caught up with the newest thing and the greatest things to come along. Track record product are the best. The other come and go so fast that you turn around and they are gone. These are risky products to use. Don’t get caught up in the sales testimonials written or in video or any method of telling how this product saved aunt mary from dying. They are compelling but they never seem to hold the test of time.

The same can be said about any kind of product in the Health Food arena. Don’t jump on the new band wagon and thing you are going to make all your illness issues go away with one product. It just doesn’t work that way.

Supplements when used right and skillfully can be amazing and do things that nothing else can do. But they are not stand alone and should always be part of a total wellness program.

Lets talk about Remedies

What are remedies. Well they can be Homeopathic’s in any state or form. They can be things you use topically and they can be special blends of herbs, such as teas or tinctures etc. They can be combinations of herbs and vitamins and homeopathic all in one. The end result is they are directed to support a specific action that your body may need to help itself to become well again. These will often come with a title or a name that indicates what they are for. But today this is being prevented more and more, by the FDA and related organizations.

So when you are thinking that you need to take something to help you to live longer, feel better, or look better be sure that it is really going to support that process. Be also sure that you get the information from a credible resource as well. For more information you may want to read my two Free Books and learn more in-depth about all of these subjects and so much more. Click here for you free copies.

Be sure that when you get help with your wellness needs, that it comes from a competent source.

When you are in a dilemma of what is right to use for your specific kind of problems you don’t want to guess your way though it, and end up taking the wrong thing. This is where you need help. There are simple and effective ways to be sure. Just click here and you can learn about my program and have a free appointment to learn what is right for you. Stop the guessing.