Vitamin Supplements are like cellular keys.

Vitamins Vitamin Supplements are like cellular keys.

For many years I have been using supplements in my health care practice with great success. Vitamin Supplements are like cellular keys, because they act to support key enzyme processes in each cellular function.

Vitamin and minerals are classed as Co-Enzymes. In that sense they do exactly that.

They support metabolism and the assimilation of foods. The reason that I have been able to have such success with using supplements for my patients over the years, is that I am able to find the exact nutrients or formulas that the persons cells need during the healing process.

And in the early stages it is quite often the case that the supplements change from appointment to appointment. Although some will stay the same each and every appointment.

The most common thing that I see with new patients is that they are usually using supplements that are not effective and compatible to them. They waste so much money yearly on supplements that may be doing more negative things for their body than positive.

Many types of supplements can be needed desperately by the cells, but the person can actually be allergic/sensitive to them which ultimately causes the nutrients in the supplements to be looked at by the body as an invader rather than a friend.

This will cause big problems as the same supplement nutrients are also in the food they are eating weekly.

This then causes reactions that ultimately will bring on varying levels of symptoms. These are often not diagnosed and the person thinks they are doing great things for themselves but in actuality they are not.

The difference between a really robust healthy person using supplement and getting away with a possible sensitivity and a patient who is maybe chronically ill is huge. One can feel even more ill with the use of what should be good supplements, and needed supplements, rather than helped or supported from them.

You have to be able to test them and be sure what they are doing for you. This can be done with sophisticated electronic test devices only. I have spent many thousands of dollars on state of the art test equipment to be sure that what my patients use will work for them. It took me many years of education , training and research to be able to do this with precision. The last thing I will leave you with is that there are very few companies that produce quality cellular vitamin supplements. The label may say all the right things, but many just don’t work.

Nutrients are cellular keys or activators. Don’t be fooled and don’t waste money with trial and error.